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Our auctions will be held on a monthly basis, see below for a list of auction dates. Each auction will run for 10 days - Friday to Sunday the following week.

All buyers and sellers must now be registered with us before you are able to bid or sell bottles. This is a simple process and should only take 5 minutes to complete. Please note that there is a non-refundable £5 registration fee incurred for this. Once your account has been set up, you're ready to bid!

When the auction is live, simply find the lots you want to bid on and select the amount from the drop down menu. Please note we use an incremental system so you only need to select the maximum price you wish to pay. We endeavour to mention any damage, rips, tears, scratches etc on bottles, labels and boxes but you must inspect the bottles you are bidding on closely. If damage is noticeable, but we do not point it out, you are deemed to have seen the damage, accepted the condition of the lot, and, if you are a successful bidder, will have no right of a refund. Using our zoom facility you should be able to inspect every part of the bottle and carton or box.

The auction will close any time after 6pm on the last evening, on the first Sunday of the month. From that time the software begins to monitor bidding activity on the site and when the interval between bids increases, the auction will begin to shut down. Sniper software, which depends on last-second bids, will merely extend the length of the auction.

We have received many messages of support from people taking part in the auctions, describing our system as fair and equitable. We hope you agree and enjoy a sniper-free bidding environment!



On top of the hammer price for the lots, we charge a 10% commission, which is subject to VAT. VAT is chargeable on premiums and fees, but not on the price of the whisky. Postage costs will also incur VAT where applicable.

If yours is the winning bid, we will notify you automatically by email, including a link to pay.

It is vital that you follow this link even if you subsequently pay by other methods. This ensures your details are on our system and we can track your order.

There are a number of ways to pay us. We accept all major cards, including American Express and impose no charges for their use. We have had to introduce a 2% surcharge for PayPal.

- Worldpay, by clicking on "orders" in your account and following the instructions on screen.

- PayPal, our email is:

- By phone (0141 243 2585) we can take either debit or credit card payment.

- Cash, if you wish to pay in person you can visit the office during our open hours.

- Cheque, if you are posting a cheque, please make sure your order number is included with your details. Or you can drop it off in person to the office.

- Direct bank payment, call or email for details. If you are within the EU, you need our IBAN and BIC codes, but will be able to pay through SEPA which is cheaper.

Payments sent to customers with accounts outside the UK may incur bank charges, which will be deducted from the amount sent to the customer.

Please note that all payments made late i.e later than 7 days after the auction, will incur a late payment fee of 3% in addition to the order total.

Postage and courier service

UK, Europe and USA delivery charges

Below is a table of costs for postage to UK and Europe. Please note that all delivery to the UK and EU incur VAT at the standard rate of 20%. This is included in the prices shown.

We are delighted to offer a new and improved rate for the US. There is no VAT on these charges, maximum shipment of 10 bottles at a time. These fees include packing and shipment from Glasgow to London Heathrow, then onward shipment to the US, all customs duties and brokers' fees. Note that these prices are for standard size bottles. Larger bottles may attract additional charges. We will email you if this is the case.

Number of bottles
Location 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
UK £10.80 £15.60 £20.40 £25.20 £30.00 £34.80 £39.60 £44.40 £49.20 £54.00

Europe £24.00 £28.80 £33.60 £38.40 £43.20 £48.00 £52.80 £57.60 £62.40 £67.20

USA ** £70.00 £80.00 £90.00 £100.00 £110.00 £120.00 £130.00 £140.00 £150.00 £160.00

Please note that some states do not allow importation of alcohol, make sure that your state will allow us to send you the bottles before bidding in the auction! At the moment we are unable to ship to:

Alabama, Arkansas (major cities excepted), Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah.

Real addresses only; i.e no PO boxes. Unfortunately we also can't send to schools or university. Parcels going to military bases can be very problematic.

*** Please note that at the moment there is a hold on shipments to New Hampshire and Maryland ***

Rest of the world

If your country is not listed below, we can probably ship to you but please email the office to check BEFORE you bid!

(will vary depending on individual packaging) 4 bottles only (10kg) 6-8 bottles (18kg) 10 - 12 bottles (25kg)
Box size 42 x 33 x 25 40 x 40 x 40 46 x 46 x 46
Switzerland £57.00 £80.00 £136.00
Taiwan £70.00 £106.00 £136.00
Australia £70.00 £106.00 £136.00
New Zealand £90.00 £140.00 £185.00
Singapore £70.00 £106.00 £136.00
South Africa £90.00 £140.00 £185.00
Japan £70.00 £106.00 £136.00

These prices are approximate as the delivery to the above countries is calculated volumetrically and will depend on your individual order. These prices do not include any customs fees which may be incurred in the destination country. The recipient is liable for these and we will not be responsible for these costs.

NEW SHIPPING DESTINATIONS: We can now ship to Dubai! Please contact us for a quote.

CANADA & CHINA - There remain some difficulties getting whisky into China and Canada, but we have been using a company called Mailboxes etc who are happy to provide that service. They can be expensive for single-item auction wins, so we're happy to store whiskies here until you have built up several wins, making the carriage more economical. The contact for Mailboxes etc in Glasgow is


We have been asked by some buyers to falsify the values of bottles on invoices to effect lower taxes and duties. We will absolutely not do this under any circumstances.


We are now able to offer our UK & EU customers insurance through our courier at a cost of 3% of the hammer price excluding postage.If you do NOT want to take out insurance, you must select that option at the checkout stage of the purchase. Insurance premiums attract VAT. Customers from all other countries are able to take out insurance with Angels' Share Scotland Ltd at the same rate.

DAMAGES - Before signing for the goods all parcels are to be checked carefully. If the seal is broken or if the package is damaged or wet, sign the courier's sheet in accordance with the actual condition. It is not sufficient to sign "unexamined". Written complaint must be made to the carriers and the senders immediately, otherwise no claim can be entertained.

If for any reason damage does occur, it is essential that you contact us as soon as possible. You will need to send us photos of the damage via email to

No refunds will be given if there is no evidence provided of the damage / breakage of the bottles. We are unable to offer refunds for orders which sustain damage in transit that do not have insurance cover.

Please note: due to the various ages of bottles and their seals, no claim can be lodged against failure/leakage in transit.


If you want to enter bottles into our auctions by sending the bottles, they need to be sent to: Scotch Whisky Auctions, The Pentagon Centre, 36 Washington street, Glasgow G3 8AZ. Inside the box, make sure that you include:

- name
- address
- email address
- phone number

This is so we can identify who sent them to us! On receipt of your bottle, we will email you confirmation that it has arrived and is in auctionable condition. Each bottle will be fully checked before it is placed in an auction. It will be photographed and the images posted alongside a description of the bottle.

We would advise you to use very strong boxes, such as wine or whisky boxes, plenty of bubble wrap and polystyrene chips. We do NOT offer insurance on packages coming to us and will not be liable for any loss or damage while in transit from you.

If you are not in Glasgow, and wish to send bottles into the auction, please call us on 0141 243 2585 as we may be able to arrange for collection. We have regular collections from Aberdeen and the north east area as well as organising courier uplifts.

Alternatively, you can come and bring the bottles in personally to the above address. The office is open Monday - Friday 9am-5pm. We are open one Saturday a month by appointment only.

We reserve the right to refuse bottles for auction. If there is any doubt about the authenticity of a bottle, it will not be offered for auction. In the event of a dispute arising over the provenance or authenticity of any bottle, if it cannot be proved to be genuine, it will be returned to the seller and no monies will be due. All bottles for auction are accepted at our discretion and we reserve the right to restrict the number of any particular release or expression.

Please note: we do not accept Bell's decanters or cream liqueurs for auction.

Watching your lots during the auction

You will be able to view your bottles in the auction by logging into your account and clicking on the link "view bottles I'm selling in the latest auction". This will load all bottles / lots that are in the live auction.

Please note that this function is only active when the auction is live they will not be visible at any other time.

Lot numbers are generated by the website once your bottles are booked in. You will be given/sent a book-in sheet with the lot numbers on it.

Entry dates for bottles into auction and payment dates

Auction number

Bottles due in by

Saturday appointments

Auction goes live

Auction ends

Payments start week beginning


13th August

9th August

29th August

7th September

29th September


10th September

6th September

26th September

5th October

27th October


8th October

4th October

24th October

2nd November

24th November


12th November

8th November

28th November

7th December

29th December


10th December

6th December

26th December

4th January 2015

26th January

Auction dates for 2015 with Saturday appointments:

Auction Number

Saturday Appointments

Bottles due in

Auction live

Auction ends

Payments start week beginning


3rd January

8th January

23rd January

1st Feb 2015

23rd February


31st January

4th February

20th February

1st March

23th March


7th March

11th March

27th March

5th April

27th April


4th April

8th April

24th April

3rd May

25th May


9th May

13th May

29th May

7th June

29th June


6th June

10th June

26th June

5th July

27th July


4th July

8th July

24th July

2nd August

24th August


8th August

12th August

28th August

6th September

28th September


5th September

9th September

25th September

4th October

26th October


10th October

14th October

30th October

8th November

23rd November


7th November

11th November

27th November

6th December

28th December


5th December

9th December

25th December

3rd Jan 2016

25th Jan 2016

If you are a successful seller, we will not process your payments until the buyer has paid us, has received their bottle(s) and is satisfied that our descriptions were accurate. Buyers have seven days to so satisfy themselves.

Please note that all payments are made 21 days after the auction closes and are done over a couple of days. You will receive an email with notification of what you have been paid, along with the deductions once the payment has been processed.


We will store items for 14 days after the auction free of charge. After that period - unless we have reached a prior agreement - we will charge £2.00 per day plus VAT where applicable


We charge a seller's premium of 10% plus £3 per lot, and £4 for each reserved item. Please note that VAT (where applicable) is chargeable on premiums and fees, but not on the price of the whisky.

We can make payments to you through PayPal, by cheque, or into your bank. Please note payment through the SWIFT system attracts a £17 charge.