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Auctions run every month and end on the first Sunday of the month. Bottles need to be with us 16 days before the auction starts.

Auctions for 2013:

33rd Auction begins December 27. Bottles in by December 11

Auctions for 2014:

34th Auction begins January 24, ends February 2. Bottles in by January 8

35th Auction begins February 21, ends March 2. Bottles in by February 5

36th Auction begins March 28, ends April 6. Bottles in by March 12

37th Auction begins April 25, ends May 4. Bottles in by April 9

38th Auction begins May 23, ends June 1. Bottles in by May 7

39th Auction begins June 27, ends July 6. Bottles in by June 11

40th Auction begins July 25, ends August 3. Bottles in by July 9

41st Auction begins August 29, ends September 7. Bottles in by August 13

42nd auction begins September 26, ends October 5. Bottles in by September 10

43rd Auction begins October 24, ends November 2. Bottles in by October 8

44th Auction begins November 28, ends December 7. Bottles in by November 12

45th Auction begins December 26, ends Jan 4 2015. Bottles in by December 10

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