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The 69th Auction

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Hi folks and welcome to the 69th auction, which sees the end of a remarkable year for us and the beginning of a new year. We'd like to thank all of you for your support, either as sellers or buyers. We're delighted to say that our zero percent commission deal for sellers will remain in place and we will continue to strive to bring you best of old and rare whiskies throughout 2017.

This month's auction is again a masterclass in magnificent malts and beautiful blends. All the big hitters are there - Ardbegs, Broras, Macallans, Karuizawas, as well as some special editions. Highland Park King Christian makes its auction debut alongside a Glenfiddich Ultimate at 38 years old.

An Old Fitzgerald from 1958 pops up, sharing front page duties with a 1984 Yamazaki. Also there is a magnificent first edition of The Practical Distiller: A Brief Treatise of Practical Distillation, a truly wonderful book, dating from 1718.

Of special mention this month is a unique bottle of Big Peat. Kindly Produced by Douglas Laing & Co, and signed by Fred Laing, it is bottle 1 of 1 and is being offered to raise money for the M.E. Association.

There are many, many fabulous lots to browse and bid on, so we'll not keep you here reading our waffle.

We hope you have a wonderful festive season and a happy and peaceful New Year.

Best wishes from the SWA Team in Glasgow.

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Mars Komagatake 2011 Wine Cask FinishLot number: 069-0271Winning bid: £175.00
Mars Komagatake 2012 Campbelltoun Loch 15th Anniversary TourLot number: 069-0272Winning bid: £135.00
Mars Komagatake 24 Year Old Bourbon Barrel 75clLot number: 069-2338Winning bid: £680.00
Mars Komagatake Nature Of Shinshu RindoLot number: 069-0273Winning bid: £80.00
Martell Cordon BleuLot number: 069-0591Winning bid: £110.00
Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac 24 Fl OzsLot number: 069-2124Winning bid: £195.00
Martell Tasting Glasses x 6Lot number: 069-2424Winning bid: £10.00
Martell XO CognacLot number: 069-1311Winning bid: £90.00
Martell XO CognacLot number: 069-1312Winning bid: £75.00
Maxwell 33 Year OldLot number: 069-2487Winning bid: £60.00
McGibbon's Special Reserve Blend Golf ClubLot number: 069-2549Winning bid: £35.00
McKintush Scotch WhiskyLot number: 069-2173Winning bid: £60.00
Michael Jackson Whisky Companion Books 1-6Lot number: 069-2359Winning bid: £35.00
Michel Couvreur CandidLot number: 069-3000Winning bid: £55.00
Michel Couvreur CandidLot number: 069-0022Winning bid: £60.00
Michel Couvreur CandidLot number: 069-0024Winning bid: £55.00
Michel Couvreur CandidLot number: 069-0025Winning bid: £60.00
Michel Couvreur OveragedLot number: 069-3063Winning bid: £50.00
Michel Couvreur OveragedLot number: 069-0023Winning bid: £60.00
Michel Couvreur OveragedLot number: 069-2921Winning bid: £50.00
Michel Couvreur OveragedLot number: 069-2922Winning bid: £45.00
Michel Couvreur OveragedLot number: 069-2923Winning bid: £50.00
Midleton Very Rare 1994 ReleaseLot number: 069-1722Winning bid: £230.00
Midleton Very Rare 2011 ReleaseLot number: 069-0267Winning bid: £150.00
Midleton Very Rare 2013 ReleaseLot number: 069-0268Winning bid: £130.00
Milagro TequilaLot number: 069-0194Winning bid: £25.00
Millburn 1971 Connoisseurs Choice Mini 5cl & Millburn 1974 Connoisseurs Choice Mini 5clLot number: 069-1219Winning bid: £15.00
Millburn 1972 Gordon & MacphailLot number: 069-0797Winning bid: £230.00
Millburn 1976 CCLot number: 069-3243Item failed to meet reserve.
Millstone 100 Rye 75clLot number: 069-1768Winning bid: £40.00
Miltonduff 1966 38 Year Old Duncan TaylorLot number: 069-2879Winning bid: £290.00
Miltonduff 1978 21 Year Old Private Bottling SignatoryLot number: 069-1117Winning bid: £160.00
Miltonduff 1994 Cask Strength Gordon & MacPhailLot number: 069-3442Winning bid: £100.00
Mini Barrel with Stand, Bung Mallet, Framed Cooper Picture & Barrel Stave Coat RackLot number: 069-0563Winning bid: £30.00
Mini Vat Barrel & Metal Cooper SculptureLot number: 069-0564Winning bid: £80.00
Monkey Shoulder & Branded Tankards x 2Lot number: 069-1314Winning bid: £45.00
Monkey Shoulder In CageLot number: 069-1315Winning bid: £50.00
Monymusk 2003 12 Year Old Rum Duncan TaylorLot number: 069-1870Winning bid: £45.00
Morant Bay Spiced Red RumLot number: 069-0997Winning bid: £30.00
Moray Golf Club Bottling for 1996 Home InternationalLot number: 069-2774Winning bid: £70.00
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