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The 76th Auction

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What a blistering barnstormer of an auction we've got this month! With over four and half thousand bottles, there's simply such an overabundance of awesomeness, that trying to select just a few bottles to wax lyrical about is a tall order indeed.

Still, it's a nice problem to have...

If we're being totally honest, we probably have a tendency to fixate on single malt whiskies here at SWA HQ, but this month heads have been turned, and jaws have been dropped by a bottle of Johnnie Walker! Who'd have thunk it? Obviously this isn't just any old Johnnie Walker, but rather one bottled nearly 100 years ago! It's as old as the Striding Man himself.

While that may be the oldest bottle of whisky in this month's auction, there is something else even older! This rather ravishing rum from the Saint James estate on Martinique was distilled from sugar cane harvested in 1885!

Another thing we're often guilty of overlooking is whiskey with an "e" from Ireland. However, this handsome 1950s bottle of John Jameson & Sons whiskey, distilled at their original Bow Street distillery, is difficult to ignore.

Hardly a month goes by when we don't have some show stopper of a Macallan to fawn over, but this month brings something extra special. Feast your eyes on the mighty 55 Year Old Macallan Lalique! This titan heads a lineup of Macallans including several epic 1960s and 70s vintages.

However, if you prefer your speysiders to be a little more (lets say) understated then we've got the bottle for you in the form of this 1936 Mortlach 45 Year Old from Gordon & MacPhail's Connoisseur's Choice range. Yeah, G&M may have bottled older Mortlachs since, but there's just something wonderfully unassuming about this bottle that we love.

As you all know by now, it doesn't end there. And as usual all the big hitters are well represented this month with something for everyone in the mix, so don't let us keep you. Dive in and explore this month's monster auction.

And remember! Don't lose your bottle...

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Glenrothes Robur Reserve 1LLot number: 076-2634Winning bid: £45.00
Glenrothes Select ReserveLot number: 076-4183Winning bid: £30.00
Glenrothes Wine Merchants Collection 5 x 70clLot number: 076-3759Winning bid: £1000.00
Glentauchers 15 Year Old Allied DistillersLot number: 076-1354Winning bid: £50.00
Glentauchers 1998 Gordon & MacPhailLot number: 076-2894Winning bid: £80.00
Glentauchers 2008 8 Year Old Burns MaltLot number: 076-2467Winning bid: £65.00
Glentauchers-Glenlivet 1976 38 Year Old Cadenhead'sLot number: 076-3183Winning bid: £230.00
Glenturret 10 Year Old For Decommissioning of HM S/M SplendidLot number: 076-0993Winning bid: £35.00
Glenturret 12 Year OldLot number: 076-3939Winning bid: £55.00
Glenturret 1965 Limited Edition 75clLot number: 076-1649Winning bid: £580.00
Glenturret 1972 Limited EditionLot number: 076-0992Winning bid: £270.00
Glenturret 1975 20 Year Old Signatory Mini 5clLot number: 076-2051Winning bid: £90.00
Glenturret 1977 35 Year Old Kintra Single Cask CollectionLot number: 076-1674Winning bid: £280.00
Glenturret 1980 16 Year Old Murray McDavidLot number: 076-1286Winning bid: £10.00
Glenturret 1986 Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014Lot number: 076-1361Winning bid: £95.00
Glenturret 1987 29 Year Old Jamieson's Jigger Edition With Keyring & Miniature 5clLot number: 076-4394Winning bid: £260.00
Glenturret 8 Year OldLot number: 076-3948Winning bid: £35.00
Glenugie 1967 Connoisseurs ChoiceLot number: 076-1302Winning bid: £390.00
Glenugie 1968 20 Year Old Sestante 75clLot number: 076-0731Winning bid: £960.00
Glenugie 1980 16 Year Old Signatory Mini 5clLot number: 076-2075Winning bid: £40.00
Glenury 1975 23 Year Old Signatory Mini 5clLot number: 076-2041Winning bid: £25.00
Glenury 1980 20 Year Old Silver SealLot number: 076-0676Winning bid: £320.00
Glenury Royal 1968 36 Year OldLot number: 076-4413Winning bid: £640.00
Gloag's London Dry GinLot number: 076-4196Winning bid: £40.00
Gloria Ocean Ship Bottle 76clLot number: 076-0373Winning bid: £85.00
Golden Sun 6 Year Old Straight Old Kentucky Bourbon WhiskyLot number: 076-3683Winning bid: £20.00
Golden Sun 6 Year Old Straight Old Kentucky Bourbon WhiskyLot number: 076-3709Winning bid: £20.00
Grand Old Parr 12 Year Old 1LLot number: 076-2698Winning bid: £30.00
Grand Old Parr De Luxe 75clLot number: 076-0381Winning bid: £25.00
Grande-Terre 1998 Transcontinental Rum Line #7Lot number: 076-3271Winning bid: £100.00
Grangestone Double Cask MaturedLot number: 076-2726Winning bid: £25.00
Grant's 12 Year Old Old Style 75clLot number: 076-4192Winning bid: £30.00
Grant's Family ReserveLot number: 076-1075Winning bid: £15.00
Grant's Minis 10 x 5clLot number: 076-3294Winning bid: £5.00
Grant's Minis 10 x 5clLot number: 076-3295Winning bid: £10.00
Grant's Minis 10 x 5clLot number: 076-3296Winning bid: £5.00
Grant's Minis 10 x 5clLot number: 076-3297Winning bid: £5.00
Grant's Minis 10 x 5clLot number: 076-3298Winning bid: £5.00
Grant's Minis 10 x 5clLot number: 076-3305Winning bid: £5.00
Grant's Minis 10 x 5clLot number: 076-3306Winning bid: £10.00
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