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The 82nd Auction

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Well, well, well..fancy meeting you here! Welcome to our monolithic 82nd auction! We here at the SWA are officially setting sail into the unchartered waters of 2018 by opening the drams for our post-Christmas, tidal onslaught of mouth-watering bottles; the tide is indeed high and you’ve held on! Payday is here...just in the nick of time to abate the frugality and gloom which dutifully seeps through the wake of the festive period. No more teeth-gritting, now it’s time to open your purse strings, guilt free and get bidding! The post-Crimbo slump is officially over, and the SWA are here to save the day. Let’s get that twinkle in your eye sparkling, and the fire in your belly burning once again..

For your delectation, and it’s not often that we can boast this, but we have a release which is one of only two bottles in the world - a plucky, Springbank 24 year old, bottled especially for the good people at the CGS4 Gambia Appeal. Complete with fuschia flamingos on the label! Tasty, novel, near-unique and originally released to honour a charitable cause? That’s a mighty, mega-mix of boons all in one bottle!

How about going back in time with this long and smooth, sherry-bomb dram - the Speyside special from Strathisla, standing proud as part of the Intertrade selection. This vintage is 30 years old, bottled in 1954 and preserved beautifully, just waiting for the right moment to be supped. Are you its long awaited Captain?

And hark! The siren call of the Bowmore Black 42 year old..raised from maturation, deep, deep, down in the dark depths of the distillery vaults below sea level, this was the first release from the much whispered about trilogy of 1964 Bowmores. From the Island of Islay, ‘Queen of the Hebrides’, next to rise was the prestigious White Bowmore, launched in 2008, ultimately followed by the crown- the Gold Bowmore of 2009.

Perhaps you are in the market for some hefty opulence instead? In that case, get your best cravat out because we have the most mouth and eye watering Macallan Lalique; a cask strength 57 year old. The impressive vessel, which is crafted by 130 year-strong French crystal artisans, Lalique (bien sur!), is the perfect hat trick for those leaning-against-the-mantelpiece, fireside debates, sure to silence any argumentative guest once and for all with its flavour and sheer splendour.

Would all the collectors please stand up? Actually, on second thoughts, stay this is set to knock your socks off. For the first time in 82 auctions here at the SWA, we have a gargantuan 9 batch collection of Balvenie Tun 1401s in sequence order!

As if that wasn’t enough to help you get your sea legs, (and far too scrumptious to smash on the hull of a ship), we have a Macallan Fine & Rare from 1961, as well as all the old salts from across the globe - U.K., Japan, (20 Karuizawa, sugoi desu ne?!), India, Taiwan, (30 Kavalans anyone?) USA..where do you want your taste buds to sail away to today?

Happy, hearty bidding and remember..don’t lose your bottle!

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Suntory Old Whisky 75clLot number: 082-0918Winning bid: £40.00
Suntory Old Whisky 76clLot number: 082-0919Winning bid: £55.00
Suntory Old Whisky Year Of The DogLot number: 082-0282Winning bid: £60.00
Suntory Royal 12 Year OldLot number: 082-0924Winning bid: £40.00
Suntory Royal 2018 Year Of The Dog Decanter 60clLot number: 082-0869Winning bid: £75.00
Suntory Special Reserve 76clLot number: 082-0713Winning bid: £50.00
Talisker 12 Year Old John Walker Label 75clLot number: 082-4221Winning bid: £490.00
Talisker 1973 28 Year OldLot number: 082-1371Winning bid: £3100.00
Talisker 1977 35 Year Old 2012 ReleaseLot number: 082-1468Winning bid: £800.00
Talisker 1985 Maritime EditionLot number: 082-0557Winning bid: £370.00
Talisker 2001 Distillers EditionLot number: 082-1526Winning bid: £80.00
Talisker 2002 Distillers EditionLot number: 082-1003Winning bid: £65.00
Talisker 2008 6 Year Old Hepburn's ChoiceLot number: 082-1534Winning bid: £60.00
Talisker 25 Year Old 2004 ReleaseLot number: 082-2041Winning bid: £260.00
Talisker 25 Year Old 2004 ReleaseLot number: 082-0224Winning bid: £260.00
Talisker 25 Year Old 2011 ReleaseLot number: 082-3636Winning bid: £230.00
Talisker 25 Year Old 2017 ReleaseLot number: 082-3984Winning bid: £155.00
Talisker 25 Year Old 2017 ReleaseLot number: 082-3985Winning bid: £175.00
Talisker 25 Year Old 2017 ReleaseLot number: 082-3986Winning bid: £160.00
Talisker 25 Year Old 2017 ReleaseLot number: 082-3987Winning bid: £175.00
Talisker 30 Year Old 2009 ReleaseLot number: 082-3550Winning bid: £400.00
Talisker 30 Year Old 2017 ReleaseLot number: 082-3988Winning bid: £270.00
Talisker 8 Year Old John Walker Label 75clLot number: 082-4220Winning bid: £640.00
Talisker Gordon & MacPhail MiniLot number: 082-2817Winning bid: £30.00
Talisker StormLot number: 082-0525Winning bid: £30.00
Talisker StormLot number: 082-0291Winning bid: £25.00
Tamdhu 18 Year OldLot number: 082-2191Winning bid: £75.00
Tamdhu 1968 40 Year Old Duncan Taylor Mini 5clLot number: 082-1181Winning bid: £30.00
Tamdhu 1988 28 Year Old Old ParticularLot number: 082-4054Winning bid: £150.00
Tamdhu 8 Year Old Gordon & MacPhailLot number: 082-2431Winning bid: £30.00
Tamdhu-Glenlivet 8 Year Old Gordon & MacPhail MiniLot number: 082-2818Winning bid: £15.00
Tamnavulin 1968 Carn MorLot number: 082-2518Winning bid: £420.00
Tamnavulin-Glenlivet 1992 23 Year Old Cadenhead'sLot number: 082-3007Winning bid: £135.00
Tamnavulin-Glenlivet Single Malt Mini 4clLot number: 082-2040Winning bid: £10.00
Teaninich 1983 29 Year Old SignatoryLot number: 082-3273Winning bid: £220.00
Teeling 12 Year Old Amarone CaskLot number: 082-1351Winning bid: £50.00
Teeling Hybrid Malt Whisky No.1 EditionLot number: 082-3853Winning bid: £35.00
Teeling Whiskey 2004 Port Cask #912 For Bresser & TimmerLot number: 082-0482Winning bid: £65.00
Teeling Whiskey Co 15 Year Old The RevivalLot number: 082-2091Winning bid: £155.00
Teeling Whiskey Co 21 Year Old Vintage Reserve Batch #1Lot number: 082-2072Winning bid: £220.00
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