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The 83rd Auction

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Gather round now and listen closely because we have a huge announcement to make..drum roll please....this is a monumental, record breaking auction!

What a delight to be able to claim such a milestone in only the 2nd month of 2018, (especially considering it's a short one). It is with great pleasure that we open our proverbial doors to our 83rd auction, with heart felt thanks to all of our customers and bidders alike.

Being our all time largest ever auction in all the years since we established the Scotch Whisky Auctions back in the day, it isn't surprising that we have some heavy hitting historical drams that are yours for the taking. Come hither and revel with us in sharing in our and our client's big day by nabbing such a dream dram as this Glenmorangie 1974 41 Year Old Pride 1L. This bottling is a collaboration with world renowned piano craftsmen, Steinway & Sons. The finish on the casing is of the same pristine process utilised in the production of their exquisite pianos.

Also set to fly off the shelves this month is a Glenfiddich Pure Malt 70° Proof Half Bottle, housed in the old style small batch vessel before their signature, quintessential, angular bottles were established.

All present and correct is the impressive Ardbeg Special 1965 39 Year Old With Mini In Museum Case; a rare vatting of two old casks, which comes with all the bells and whistles.

Perhaps this eye-pleasing Highland Park 1958 Vintage With Decanter & Book will be piquing your interest this month? Complete with a beautifully etched Caithness glass decanter, which certainly makes for a wistful drinking experience.

As well as all of our prized and rare bottles, we have on offer well over 6300 other gems to put a twinkle in your eye, including 7 of the latest release 33 year old and 35 year old Emerald Geisha Cask Karuizawas.

The team here are thrilled to bring you a whole array of delights and rarities for you to paw over, needless to say we are sure that both our customers and our bidders will enjoy the ride this month so let the bidding commence!

And remember..don't lose your bottle!

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Pointers Celtic 'The Bhoys' Ceramic DecanterLot number: 083-1390Winning bid: £40.00
Pointers Coronation Of Queen Elizabeth II Ceramic DecanterLot number: 083-1383Winning bid: £20.00
Pointers Historical Whisky Posters Mini Ceramic Decanters Set 6 x 10clLot number: 083-1394Winning bid: £55.00
Pointers London 2012 Olympics Ceramic DecanterLot number: 083-1385Winning bid: £45.00
Pointers Muhammad Ali Ceramic DecanterLot number: 083-1391Winning bid: £45.00
Pointers Rangers Ceramic DecanterLot number: 083-1392Winning bid: £65.00
Port Askaig 19 Year OldLot number: 083-2640Winning bid: £85.00
Port Askaig 19 Year OldLot number: 083-2153Winning bid: £85.00
Port Charlotte 10 Year OldLot number: 083-6396Winning bid: £45.00
Port Charlotte 10 Year OldLot number: 083-6397Winning bid: £55.00
Port Charlotte 2001 6 Year Old 'Eidora' Single Cask Whisky AuctionLot number: 083-6088Winning bid: £85.00
Port Charlotte 2001 Single Cask #286Lot number: 083-5995Winning bid: £110.00
Port Charlotte 2003 12 Year Old Blackadder Raw CaskLot number: 083-4336Winning bid: £195.00
Port Charlotte 2003 14 Year Old Skene ReserveLot number: 083-5123Winning bid: £125.00
Port Charlotte 2004 6 Year Old Longshaw Family ReserveLot number: 083-6234Winning bid: £110.00
Port Charlotte 2004 7 Year Old Private Cask Bayanne House ReserveLot number: 083-4782Winning bid: £110.00
Port Charlotte 2009 8 Year Old DramfoolLot number: 083-2473Winning bid: £190.00
Port Charlotte PC 10Lot number: 083-4991Winning bid: £100.00
Port Charlotte PC 10Lot number: 083-5844Winning bid: £110.00
Port Charlotte PC 11Lot number: 083-5845Winning bid: £100.00
Port Charlotte PC 12Lot number: 083-5165Winning bid: £70.00
Port Charlotte PC 12Lot number: 083-5166Winning bid: £90.00
Port Charlotte PC 12Lot number: 083-3295Winning bid: £80.00
Port Charlotte PC 5Lot number: 083-0004Winning bid: £270.00
Port Charlotte PC 5Lot number: 083-1788Winning bid: £250.00
Port Charlotte PC 5Lot number: 083-2863Winning bid: £290.00
Port Charlotte PC 5Lot number: 083-3589Winning bid: £260.00
Port Charlotte PC 6Lot number: 083-0613Winning bid: £120.00
Port Charlotte PC 7Lot number: 083-5884Winning bid: £100.00
Port Charlotte PC 8Lot number: 083-4625Winning bid: £85.00
Port Charlotte Valinch 05 Cask Exploration Bogha-Drochaide 50clLot number: 083-2496Winning bid: £95.00
Port Charlotte Valinch 12 Cask Exploration Tunn 50clLot number: 083-2263Winning bid: £85.00
Port Charlotte Valinch 19 Cask Exploration Cuan Dorcha 50clLot number: 083-2262Winning bid: £105.00
Port Charlotte Valinch 19 Cuan Dorcha 50clLot number: 083-4751Winning bid: £110.00
Port Charlotte Valinch 2002 Prediction 50clLot number: 083-2868Winning bid: £165.00
Port Dundas 1978 35 Year Old Directors' CutLot number: 083-5836Winning bid: £220.00
Port Dundas 1978 36 Year Old XOPLot number: 083-4816Winning bid: £185.00
Port Dundas 1988 27 Year Old Cadenhead'sLot number: 083-5577Winning bid: £80.00
Port Dundas 1988 27 Year Old Old ParticularLot number: 083-3634Winning bid: £75.00
Port Dundas 1988 28 Year Old The SovereignLot number: 083-5490Winning bid: £75.00
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