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The 90th Auction

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Well a warm welcome to our September auction, and what a month it’s been! This may not quite be a record breaker auction but it’s pretty blinking close! For this month we have well over seven and a half thousand tasty malt treats for you thirsty bidders. It’s been almost impossible to pick just a select few given the spread below however here’s a mixture of what’s in store.

First off the line is a heavyweight Japanese contender from Suntory. A first timer entering through SWAs doors is the Suntory Yamazaki 1983 Sherry Wood. This sherry delight was distilled in straight-head stills at the Yamazaki Distillery. It was then put into second-fill Spanish Oak Sherry butt casks and matured in Ageing Cellar No. 9 North Block of Suntory’s ageing cellar. It is estimated that 12 casks of 500 litres (each) were selected for vatting ending in a limited run of just 6,000 bottles.


Next up we we have a Black Bowmore 1964 2nd Edition. Not a stranger here at SWA however always worth a shout out! Like we’ve said before...With an almost unfathomable concentration and intensity of flavour, and perfect balance of fruit, peat and power, this whisky deserves the frequently overused 'legendary' tag and has assumed almost mythic status amongst whisky collectors and aficionados.

Now if you’re looking for a piece of malt history then why don't we direct your attention to two malts from mothballed distilleries bottled by two very different independent bottlers. From Cadenhead’s we have an older bottling of 31 Year Old Lochside distilled in 1962. If this doesn’t float your boat then check out the wee man on the yellow boat of this Port Ellen 33 Year Old from Boutique-Y Whisky Co. This is Boutique-Y’s first age statement of Port Ellen and has reviews like ‘Wow.’ and ‘F*!king Good!’ online. No messin’ around there so take from that what you will...

Now who can’t resist some single sherry cask whisky with great bottle artwork? Yes, us! All from Ian Macleod Distillers and with an oriental theme we have a line-up of speyside malts: two from Mortlach distillery and two musical fashionistas from an unknown Speyside distillery. Your guess is as good as ours.

Our final mention goes to a Samaroli bottling of Tomintoul 1967 46 Year Old. A very modest looking bottling, however, don’t be fooled. This spirit is a promenade that transports your mind and soul to the heights of absolute quality that are very hard to find. Their words… not ours.

Well enough from us here!! Enjoy the healthy spread we have to offer and remember...

Don’t lose your bottle!

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Foursquare 2004 11 Year Old Single Blended Rum Exceptional Cask Selection Mark IIILot number: 090-0490Winning bid: £50.00
Foursquare 2004 12 Year Old Blackadder Raw CaskLot number: 090-4169Winning bid: £70.00
Foursquare 2005 12 Year Old for Milano Rum FestivalLot number: 090-6282Winning bid: £110.00
Foursquare 2005 12 Year Old for Milano Rum FestivalLot number: 090-6283Winning bid: £100.00
Foursquare 2005 12 Year Old for Milano Rum FestivalLot number: 090-6284Winning bid: £110.00
Foursquare 2007 L'EspritLot number: 090-4165Winning bid: £95.00
Foursquare 2008 9 Year Old PrincipiaLot number: 090-0489Winning bid: £150.00
Foursquare 2013 2 Year Old Rum Habitation VelierLot number: 090-1441Winning bid: £65.00
Foursquare Richard Seale Destino For 70th Anniversary Of VelierLot number: 090-6134Winning bid: £420.00
Foursquare Triptych Single Blended RumLot number: 090-4760Winning bid: £140.00
Foursquare Triptych Single Blended RumLot number: 090-2777Winning bid: £150.00
Francois Voyer Grand Cru X.O. Grand Champagne CognacLot number: 090-5134Winning bid: £110.00
Fuji Gotemba 2003 Single Cask 64clLot number: 090-1178Winning bid: £70.00
Fukano Single Cask 75clLot number: 090-4561Winning bid: £45.00
Fynsec Sarti Special Brandy 1LLot number: 090-6249Winning bid: £25.00
Garnheath 1972 27 Year Old Silent Stills Signatory & Matching Mini 5clLot number: 090-1375Winning bid: £320.00
Garnheath 1974 42 Year Old XOPLot number: 090-3117Winning bid: £210.00
Garnheath 1974 44 Year Old XOPLot number: 090-1095Winning bid: £320.00
Gavanes Ron Anejo SuperiorLot number: 090-6252Winning bid: £0.00
Gelston's 26 Year OldLot number: 090-4724Winning bid: £300.00
Gelston's 26 Year OldLot number: 090-4725Winning bid: £290.00
George T Stagg 2016 Release 75clLot number: 090-5883Winning bid: £380.00
George T Stagg 2016 Release 75clLot number: 090-5882Winning bid: £360.00
George T Stagg 2017 Release 75clLot number: 090-6071Winning bid: £340.00
Gerland Armagnac 73clLot number: 090-5777Winning bid: £30.00
Gilbey's Malt Selection Minis 4 x 5cl Including Knockando 1976Lot number: 090-5231Winning bid: £20.00
Girvan 1964 Scott's SelectionLot number: 090-2390Winning bid: £250.00
Girvan 1979 36 Year Old The SovereignLot number: 090-1099Winning bid: £90.00
Girvan 1988 26 Year Old SovereignLot number: 090-5309Winning bid: £50.00
Girvan 1994 Carn Mor Celebration Of The CaskLot number: 090-4660Winning bid: £60.00
Glamis Castle 90th Birthday Decanter 75clLot number: 090-3593Winning bid: £140.00
Gleann Mor A Rare Find 40 Year Old Blended WhiskyLot number: 090-0577Winning bid: £210.00
Gleann Mor A Rare Find 40 Year Old Blended WhiskyLot number: 090-0578Winning bid: £210.00
Glen Albyn 1969 35 Year Old Old & RareLot number: 090-5145Winning bid: £500.00
Glen Albyn 1978 19 Year Old Hart BrothersLot number: 090-0756Winning bid: £160.00
Glen Albyn 1978 Gordon & MacPhail for The Whisky TalkerLot number: 090-7177Winning bid: £230.00
Glen Deveron 12 Year Old 75clLot number: 090-1786Winning bid: £25.00
Glen Deveron 1980 12 Year OldLot number: 090-2486Winning bid: £35.00
Glen Deveron 1991 10 Year OldLot number: 090-4595Winning bid: £25.00
Glen Elgin 12 Year OldLot number: 090-1729Winning bid: £30.00
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