The 92nd Auction

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Well it’s nearly that time of year again and we’re all getting into the festive spirit here at SWA.

A massive welcome to our world record breaking 92nd Auction! This month you have the chance to fill your festive boots for we have just under 10000 lots to pick from! If you haven’t yet done all your Christmas shopping then not to worry as you are simply spoilt for choice here.

It’s always a tough choice to pick out a mere few malts to talk about - especially when there’s so many to choose from - however…

Our first tasty treat is a Yamazaki Age Unknown. Created to celebrate the life of Japan’s iconic businessman and arts patron Keizo Saji when he was awarded the Recipients of the Order of the Sacred Treasure medal, 1st Class in 1989. This extremely rare mysterious malt is rumoured to consist of Yamazaki’s hidden reserves which were distilled back in the 1960s meaning the whisky has matured for at least 25 years.

Talking of 1960s distillations, we’ve got a little treat from a well-known distillery up in Kirkwall. Not a stranger to SWA but worth a mention is our Highland Park 50 Year Old. Only 275 bottles were produced from a vatting of five rather special sherry casks. The jaw-droppingly beautiful bottle is wrapped in a handcrafted silver cage designed by Maeve Gillies, an internationally-renowned Scottish jewellery maker, which celebrates the influence of the sea, wild weather and the passage of time, all of which have helped shape this remarkable whisky. As this fantastic liquid is drunk, a truly stunning surprise is revealed... but you’ll have to find out what that is for yourself.

We always like a few oddballs here at SWA, first up is a Chichibu Ichiro's Malt from Blackadder. This is a 2010 6 Year Old and originally formed a duo with a 5 Year Old. A slightly rarer bottling from the chaps at Blackadder and something worth a mention.

Alternatively if you have tired yourself of malt already, then why not take a look at this extremely old bottling from the House of Hennessy. This brandy is from 1913!! Landed in the UK the following year and rumoured to be bottled in the 1950s by G. F. Grant & Co., this spirit has seen a lot!

Another piece of liquid history and perhaps something for the collectors is The Macallan 617 Squadron Disbandment Edition.This was limited to just 260 bottles and was released to commemorate the disbandandment of 617 Squadron in March 2014. The bottle features 10 of the Squadron’s battle honours including deployments during the Second World War.

Finally we continue with an exceptionally rare bottle of Macallan also celebrating a legacy of times gone by. This Macallan 48 Year Old was bottled in honour of The Savoy Hotel’s 125th Anniversary. Built in 1893 and renovated in 2010, The American Bar holds the title of oldest surviving cocktail bar in England and with that in mind each one of these 15 bottles comes with a polished piece of the original bar top! Marlene Dietrich, Claude Monet and Frank Sinatra have all sat there! Each Art Deco Decanter was designed by Glasstorm Scotland, no stranger to luxury whisky bottles.

Eat, drink, and be merry but… don’t lose your bottle!

Found 9547 lots

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SMWS 1.208 Glenfarclas 1997 21 Year OldLot number: 092-9697Winning bid: £130.00
SMWS 10.113 Bunnahabhain 10 Year Old Feis Ile 2017Lot number: 092-4486Winning bid: £100.00
SMWS 11.30 Tomatin 1990 17 Year OldLot number: 092-9648Winning bid: £140.00
SMWS 117.3 Cooley Unpeated 1988 25 Year OldLot number: 092-8880Winning bid: £320.00
SMWS 120.7 Hakushu 1999 14 Year OldLot number: 092-9292Item failed to meet reserve.
SMWS 120.8 Hakushu 2000 13 Year OldLot number: 092-1142Winning bid: £400.00
SMWS 121.84 Arran 1999 15 Year OldLot number: 092-3969Winning bid: £60.00
SMWS 122.21 Croftengea (Loch Lomond) 2002 15 Year OldLot number: 092-2418Winning bid: £65.00
SMWS 125.74 Glenmorangie 2005 11 Year OldLot number: 092-2431Winning bid: £140.00
SMWS 127.44 Port Charlotte 12 Year Old Feis Ile 2016Lot number: 092-3966Winning bid: £230.00
SMWS 129.6 Kilchoman 2008 6 Year OldLot number: 092-5321Winning bid: £110.00
SMWS 129.7 Kilchoman 2010 4 Year OldLot number: 092-5740Winning bid: £120.00
SMWS 132.6 Karuizawa 2000 12 Year OldLot number: 092-2397Winning bid: £900.00
SMWS 134.1 Paul John 2010 6 Year OldLot number: 092-3858Winning bid: £250.00
SMWS 134.1 Paul John 2010 6 Year OldLot number: 092-3971Winning bid: £260.00
SMWS 135.10 Loch Lomond (Inchmoan) 2002 16 Year OldLot number: 092-7068Winning bid: £70.00
SMWS 136.1 Eden Mill 2015 3 Year OldLot number: 092-2394Winning bid: £230.00
SMWS 136.1 Eden Mill 2015 3 Year OldLot number: 092-4508Winning bid: £240.00
SMWS 137.1 English Whisky Co 2009 8 Year OldLot number: 092-6432Winning bid: £200.00
SMWS 137.1 English Whisky Co 2009 8 Year OldLot number: 092-4507Winning bid: £210.00
SMWS 14.8 Talisker 1989 15 Year OldLot number: 092-9473Winning bid: £480.00
SMWS 17.11 Scapa 1979Lot number: 092-0446Winning bid: £320.00
SMWS 2.1 Glenlivet 1974 75clLot number: 092-3133Item failed to meet reserve.
SMWS 2.106 Glenlivet 2007 10 Year OldLot number: 092-2145Winning bid: £70.00
SMWS 2.109 Glenlivet 2006 11 Year Old 35th AnniversaryLot number: 092-6427Winning bid: £45.00
SMWS 2.65 Glenlivet 1975 29 Year OldLot number: 092-1767Winning bid: £270.00
SMWS 2.97 Glenlivet 2007 9 Year OldLot number: 092-3127Winning bid: £55.00
SMWS 23.74 Bruichladdich 2005 12 Year OldLot number: 092-9702Winning bid: £65.00
SMWS 24.129 Macallan 1990 27 Year OldLot number: 092-3689Winning bid: £1800.00
SMWS 24.129 Macallan 1990 27 Year OldLot number: 092-1777Winning bid: £1500.00
SMWS 24.78 Macallan 12 Year OldLot number: 092-1769Winning bid: £420.00
SMWS 25.42 Rosebank 1990 17 Year OldLot number: 092-1766Winning bid: £560.00
SMWS 26.47 Clynelish 1984 22 Year OldLot number: 092-3962Winning bid: £320.00
SMWS 26.47 Clynelish 1984 22 Year OldLot number: 092-1768Winning bid: £320.00
SMWS 27.107 Springbank 1998 16 Year OldLot number: 092-5347Winning bid: £210.00
SMWS 27.108 Springbank 2000 14 Year OldLot number: 092-5442Winning bid: £140.00
SMWS 27.109 Springbank 1998 16 Year OldLot number: 092-5562Winning bid: £150.00
SMWS 27.111 Springbank 1995 22 Year OldLot number: 092-6010Winning bid: £300.00
SMWS 27.112 Springbank 1996 21 Year OldLot number: 092-6372Winning bid: £280.00
SMWS 27.112 Springbank 1996 21 Year OldLot number: 092-2508Winning bid: £340.00
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