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The 98th Auction

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Hello and a very warm welcome to our May auction! The lambs are leaping and so should you when you hear what's coming up. We have a budding array of maltalicious bloomers for you this month, so much so, it’s almost turned into a Club 50s party..

Let’s start off with a bang in our bouquet of malt flowers with a Springbank 1919 50 Years Old! This really is a rare treasure for those whisky aficionados out there. Each bottle comes with a letter of purchase, signed by the then distillery manager, which details the distillation and bottling dates of this spectacular bottling.

Continuing on the theme of the outrageously rare, it's difficult to overstate just how rare this bottle of Macallan 1970 is. Drawn from a single Sherry cask, it was bottled by R.W Duthie & Co of Aberdeen (the owners of Cadenhead's prior to J&A Mitchell) before being imported to Italy by Silvio Samaroli for Osteria Apostoli of Milan.This is the holy grail of independently bottled Macallans. Another independent bottling worth a mention is a Glenfiddich 1964 37 Year Old bottled by Ian Macleod. Rich in colour and only 200 released and we have bottle numero uno!

Shouting out from the North East we have a Dalmore 1966 30 Year Old 300th Anniversary of Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest brewer established in Kent in 1698. This modest Highlander was limited to just 300 bottles and laid down to rest for 30 years and its own quality is supposed to reflect the quality of the brewery’s cask ales and filtered beers.

Not a stranger to SWA but worth a mention is our Highland Park 50 Year Old. Only 275 bottles were produced from a vatting of five rather special sherry casks. The jaw-droppingly beautiful bottle is wrapped in a handcrafted silver cage designed by Maeve Gillies, an internationally-renowned Scottish jewellery maker, which celebrates the influence of the sea, wild weather and the passage of time, all of which have helped shape this remarkable whisky. As this fantastic liquid is drunk, a truly stunning surprise is revealed... but you’ll have to find out what that is for yourself.

Ending on what has turned out to be a slightly 50s theme malt party, we’ll leave you with a small treat. This Glen Grant 50 Year Old is presented in a small but beautiful replica of the Glen Grant stills. The cask was filled by a young Dennis Malcolm in 1963 and over half a century later the same man - and now Master Distiller - decanted the very same sherry cask to produce just 150 bottles of this fantastic liquid. Each 20cl bottle is decorated in 18-carat gold and sits in a solid Scottish oak box.

Get bidding and remember...don’t lose your bloomin’ bottle!

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Benromach OrganicLot number: 098-03671Winning bid: £35.00
Benromach OrganicLot number: 098-03639Winning bid: £30.00
Benromach Origins Batch 3 Optic BarleyLot number: 098-03664Winning bid: £40.00
Benromach Origins Batch 4 Port PipesLot number: 098-03670Winning bid: £50.00
Benromach Origins Batch 5 Golden PromiseLot number: 098-03455Winning bid: £40.00
Benromach Sassicaia Wood FinishLot number: 098-03456Winning bid: £45.00
Benromach TraditionalLot number: 098-03653Winning bid: £40.00
Benromach TraditionalLot number: 098-03279Winning bid: £25.00
Benromach TraditionalLot number: 098-01270Winning bid: £25.00
Big "T" Blended WhiskyLot number: 098-03631Winning bid: £20.00
Big Peat 10 Year Old Celebrating 10 Years Of Big PeatLot number: 098-02255Winning bid: £60.00
Big Peat 1992 26 Year Old Platinum EditionLot number: 098-02229Winning bid: £110.00
Big Peat 2012 Christmas EditionLot number: 098-02066Winning bid: £120.00
Big Peat 2013 Christmas EditionLot number: 098-00153Winning bid: £130.00
Big Peat 2013 Christmas EditionLot number: 098-02063Winning bid: £120.00
Big Peat 2014 Christmas EditionLot number: 098-02064Winning bid: £60.00
Big Peat 2015 Christmas EditionLot number: 098-02067Winning bid: £45.00
Big Peat 2016 Christmas EditionLot number: 098-02068Winning bid: £45.00
Big Peat 2017 Christmas EditionLot number: 098-02065Winning bid: £55.00
Big Peat 2018 Christmas EditionLot number: 098-06320Winning bid: £75.00
Big Peat Argentina EditionLot number: 098-03038Winning bid: £95.00
Big Peat Belgian Edition 50clLot number: 098-00154Winning bid: £60.00
Big Peat Bulgaria EditionLot number: 098-00729Winning bid: £65.00
Big Peat Edinburgh EditionLot number: 098-00931Winning bid: £110.00
Big Peat Feis Ile 2016Lot number: 098-00946Winning bid: £85.00
Big Peat Feis Ile 2017Lot number: 098-00945Winning bid: £45.00
Big Peat Feis Ile 2018Lot number: 098-06405Winning bid: £40.00
Big Peat Kyoto EditionLot number: 098-05802Winning bid: £80.00
Big Peat Munich EditionLot number: 098-00728Winning bid: £55.00
Big Peat Purim Edition 2018 Israeli ExclusiveLot number: 098-01066Winning bid: £110.00
Big Peat Small Batch ReleaseLot number: 098-02250Winning bid: £35.00
Big Peat Small Batch Release 50clLot number: 098-04510Winning bid: £120.00
Big Peat Small Batch Taiwan Exclusive For Chinese New Year 2017Lot number: 098-00730Winning bid: £70.00
Bisquit Cohiba Grand Champagne CognacLot number: 098-05829Item failed to meet reserve.
Black & White 75clLot number: 098-03974Winning bid: £30.00
Black & White 75clLot number: 098-03976Winning bid: £20.00
Black & White 75clLot number: 098-06599Winning bid: £45.00
Black & White 75clLot number: 098-06602Winning bid: £25.00
Black & White Spring CapLot number: 098-00593Winning bid: £180.00
Black Bull 40 Year Old Batch #5Lot number: 098-05329Winning bid: £190.00
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