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The 109th Auction

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A very warm summer welcome to our June auction. This month we’re rammed full with new releases, some super old classics and a rather big trunk filled with lots of little surprises..

Now then, with the virtual Feis Ile having just passed, now is a good time to grab some of those new 2020s you never managed to bag in your online-Feis basket. Ardbeg is baaack with its new release of the Blaaack. It has herded up and woven together some of the finest Pinot Noir casks from New Zealand to create something that stands out from the crowd.

Further new sheep-based releases also include the 3rd release in the Arran Explorers Series - Kildonan & Pladda Island, which we’re sure will make for a tasty dram. Sherry butts, puncheons and ruby port pipes - Yes please! Ewe can keep the sheep.

On the rarer side is one special bottle of Highland Park 17 Year Old. This was distilled around the late 50s / early 60s and was imported for the Italian market and bottled by James Grant & Co. Featured also is an old bottling of Ardbeg 1961 form our favourite indi bottlers in Campbeltown, Cadenhead’s.

Ramping up the age statement to as high as there currently is and we have ourselves a Macallan 1945 70 Year Old Speymalt. Quite incredible to think what this golden malt has slept through in just over 70 years of maturation; the end of World War II, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, sixteen Prime Ministers, and the invention of the internet!

Finally we have a Glenfarclas Family Cask 1954 - 2003 Trunk! Inside this stylish leather and wood trunk rests a luxurious collection of fifty 20cl Glenfarclas Family Cask bottles including a vintage from every year spanning from 1954 to 2003. Also housed in the trunk are a selection of elegant Glencairn crystal pieces: four tasting glasses, four tumblers, and a water jug. To complete the extraordinary ensemble, there are four slate coasters, three leather-bound notebooks - one full of the history of Glenfarclas, one with tasting notes, and one for your own tasting notes - and a replica painting of the distillery. Everything is branded with the Glenfarclas logo.

We’d like to leave you with the spirit of a bottle of J.Prunier & Co L’Essentiel Cognac. Bottled in May this year, it’s made to be enjoyed at home at the slower pace of life the world has been nudged into. L'Essentiel is an exceedingly old Cognac aged for over 50 years in oak casks. The process and the natural reduction of the spirit echo the patience we all need to learn at points in our lives.

Ralentir, reflechir, reunir - slow down, reflect and reconnect.

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SMWS 4.250 Highland Park 2001 16 Year OldLot number: 109-01182Winning bid: £85.00
SMWS 41.115 Dailuaine 2008 10 Year OldLot number: 109-05101Winning bid: £60.00
SMWS 41.127 Dailuaine 2006 13 Year OldLot number: 109-05260Winning bid: £80.00
SMWS 42.37 Ledaig 2008 10 Year OldLot number: 109-05114Winning bid: £75.00
SMWS 42.44 Ledaig 2008 9 Year OldLot number: 109-05400Winning bid: £95.00
SMWS 44.113 Craigellachie 2007 12 Year OldLot number: 109-05368Winning bid: £65.00
SMWS 44.117 Craigellachie 2011 8 Year OldLot number: 109-05274Winning bid: £160.00
SMWS 44.125 Craigellachie 1999 20 Year OldLot number: 109-03179Winning bid: £160.00
SMWS 46.54 Glenlossie 1992 24 Year OldLot number: 109-02035Winning bid: £160.00
SMWS 46.87 Glenlossie 2000 18 Year OldLot number: 109-05265Winning bid: £100.00
SMWS 46.90 Glenlossie 2011 8 Year OldLot number: 109-05373Winning bid: £50.00
SMWS 48.104 Balmenach 2005 13 Year OldLot number: 109-05172Winning bid: £85.00
SMWS 50.93 Bladnoch 1990 26 Year OldLot number: 109-01193Winning bid: £200.00
SMWS 52.22 Old Pulteney 2007 11 Year OldLot number: 109-01249Winning bid: £90.00
SMWS 52.24 Old Pulteney 2001 17 Year OldLot number: 109-05171Winning bid: £160.00
SMWS 52.25 Old Pulteney 2007 11 Year OldLot number: 109-05175Winning bid: £90.00
SMWS 52.32 Old Pulteney 12 Year Old Highland Whisky Festival 2020Lot number: 109-02354Winning bid: £150.00
SMWS 52.32 Old Pulteney 12 Year Old Highland Whisky Festival 2020 With Matching Mini 2.5clLot number: 109-03383Winning bid: £140.00
SMWS 53.284 Caol Ila 10 Year Old Feis Ile 2019Lot number: 109-01190Winning bid: £95.00
SMWS 53.285 Caol Ila 10 Year Old Feis Ile 2019Lot number: 109-05173Winning bid: £100.00
SMWS 53.321 Caol Ila 11 Year Old Feis Ile 2020Lot number: 109-01174Winning bid: £110.00
SMWS 53.327 Caol Ila 2009 10 Year OldLot number: 109-03382Winning bid: £75.00
SMWS 54.48 Aberlour 2007 9 Year OldLot number: 109-05082Winning bid: £55.00
SMWS 54.52 Aberlour 1997 19 Year OldLot number: 109-02373Winning bid: £90.00
SMWS 55.53 Royal Brackla 2006 12 Year OldLot number: 109-02390Winning bid: £50.00
SMWS 58.30 Strathisla 2010 8 Year OldLot number: 109-05125Winning bid: £150.00
SMWS 59.55 Teaninich 2008 9 Year OldLot number: 109-05126Winning bid: £70.00
SMWS 6.24 MacDuff 2008 8 Year OldLot number: 109-05215Winning bid: £55.00
SMWS 64.112 Mannochmore 2008 11 Year OldLot number: 109-05374Winning bid: £80.00
SMWS 64.74 Mannochmore 2001 15 Year OldLot number: 109-05085Winning bid: £75.00
SMWS 64.82 Mannochmore 2003 13 Year OldLot number: 109-05081Winning bid: £55.00
SMWS 66.1 Ardmore 1978 75clLot number: 109-00831Winning bid: £700.00
SMWS 66.130 Ardmore 2008 9 Year OldLot number: 109-05177Winning bid: £80.00
SMWS 66.164 Ardmore 2012 7 Year OldLot number: 109-05129Winning bid: £100.00
SMWS 66.164 Ardmore 2012 7 Year OldLot number: 109-02513Winning bid: £100.00
SMWS 68.21 Blair Athol 2009 9 Year OldLot number: 109-05119Winning bid: £65.00
SMWS 68.24 Blair Athol 2010 8 Year OldLot number: 109-05165Winning bid: £60.00
SMWS 68.30 Blair Athol 2011 7 Year OldLot number: 109-01185Winning bid: £55.00
SMWS 7.171 Longmorn 2004 12 Year OldLot number: 109-05084Winning bid: £65.00
SMWS 7.197 Longmorn 2008 8 Year Old 35th AnniversaryLot number: 109-05271Winning bid: £85.00
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