The 12th Auction

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The 12th auction has our usual mixture of easy-buying, easy-drinking whisky, coupled with some top of the range, investment grade whiskies. We have a magnificent Macallan from 1950, a beautiful Bowmore Bicentenary, a Bowmore Sheriff's, the legendary White Bowmore, Ardbeg Lord Robertson, the first appearance of the Balvenie Craftsman's Reserve, a host of Highland Parks, including a 1967 vintage and the Spectator 180th. Oh, and a tantalising Talisker that is 50 years old. Bell's Decanters? Of course! Times three. Please feel free to browse and bid to your heart's content! The auction will run until Sunday, April 01, and end between 6pm and 9pm

Best wishes from Glasgow

Bill,Tam and Mick


Found 457 lots

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Dalmore 12Lot number: 012160Winning bid: £110.00
Dalmore 1963 - 30 years oldLot number: 012161Winning bid: £230.00
Dalwhinnie 15Lot number: 012162Winning bid: £25.00
Dalwhinnie 1990 Distillers EditionLot number: 012163Winning bid: £55.00
Davie Cooper FinalLot number: 012164Winning bid: £25.00
Dewar's SignatureLot number: 012165Item failed to meet reserve.
Dimple 70Lot number: 012166Winning bid: £35.00
Doctors' SpecialLot number: 012167Winning bid: £50.00
Drambuie Limited Edition Wedgwood DecanterLot number: 012168Winning bid: £135.00
Dufftown Glenlivet 10 years oldLot number: 012169Winning bid: £30.00
Dunfermline Athletic blends x 2 bottlesLot number: 012170Winning bid: £20.00
Elements Of Islay PE4Lot number: 012386Winning bid: £210.00
English Whisky Company Chapter 6Lot number: 012171Winning bid: £20.00
English Whisky Company Chapter 7 Rum CaskLot number: 012172Winning bid: £45.00
F&F Linkwood 12Lot number: 012173Winning bid: £40.00
F&F Mortlach 16Lot number: 012174Winning bid: £55.00
F&F Pittyvaich 12 - in boxLot number: 012175Winning bid: £140.00
F&F Rosebank 12Lot number: 012176Winning bid: £85.00
F&F Rosebank 12, With BoxLot number: 012177Winning bid: £140.00
Falkirk FC Celebration BlendLot number: 012178Winning bid: £20.00
Famous Grouse Timorous BeastieLot number: 012179Winning bid: £10.00
Four Scottish Football Club BlendsLot number: 012180Winning bid: £50.00
Girvan 1965 Single GrainLot number: 012181Winning bid: £130.00
Glen Carren 10 years oldLot number: 012182Winning bid: £20.00
Glen Carren 8 years oldLot number: 012183Winning bid: £15.00
Glen Deveron 1985 - 12 years oldLot number: 012184Winning bid: £25.00
Glen Deveron 1986 - 10 years oldLot number: 012185Winning bid: £20.00
Glen Deveron 1991 - 10 years oldLot number: 012186Winning bid: £20.00
Glen Deveron 1993 - 10 years oldLot number: 012187Winning bid: £25.00
Glen Elgin 25 years oldLot number: 012188Winning bid: £50.00
Glen Garioch 12Lot number: 012189Winning bid: £45.00
Glen Garioch 1988 Single CaskLot number: 012190Winning bid: £190.00
Glen Garioch 1997Lot number: 012191Winning bid: £540.00
Glen Grant 10 years oldLot number: 012193Winning bid: £25.00
Glen Grant 10 years oldLot number: 012192Winning bid: £20.00
Glen Grant 28 years oldLot number: 012194Winning bid: £55.00
Glen Grant 45 years oldLot number: 012195Item failed to meet reserve.
Glen Ila 5 year old Pure MaltLot number: 012196Winning bid: £35.00
Glen Ila 5 year old Vatted MaltLot number: 012197Winning bid: £45.00
Glen Moray Whisky LiveLot number: 012198Winning bid: £65.00
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