The 13th Auction

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The 13th auction dawns - and it's lucky for some. For our Anniversary Auction we have our usual split between ultra-collectibles and ultra-drinkables, all at prices that should make everyone happy. A beautiful Balvenie 40 graces our pages, alongside a veteran Macallan from 1959 sitting alongside a very desirable Macallan 30 year old sherry cask. A 57 Bowmore - so much nicer than a 57 Chevrolet, surely - the return of a Sheriff's Bowmore, an incredibly rare Killyloch AND a Glen Flagler 1973. Dalmore 40 year old and one from 1974, an Ardbeg 1976, the last Christmas Day Glenfarclas from 1959, a 1974 Glenfiddich, a 1975 Glenfiddich, och, the list goes on and on. But there are plenty of ultra-affordable, ultra quaffable whiskies on display as well. It's the same diverse range as we always bring you, only this time we've over 500-odd lots. So there's bound to be something you fancy before the auction ends, as usual, between 6pm and 9pm, on Sunday, May 6, 2012. Enjoy!



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Famous GrouseLot number: 013241Winning bid: £10.00
Famous Grouse - The Black GrouseLot number: 013242Winning bid: £15.00
Famous Grouse 21 years oldLot number: 013243Winning bid: £55.00
Famous Grouse Bill McLaren XVLot number: 013244Winning bid: £40.00
Famous Grouse Port Wood FinishLot number: 013245Winning bid: £25.00
Famous Grouse PrestigeLot number: 013246Winning bid: £25.00
Famous Grouse Vintage Malt 1987Lot number: 013247Winning bid: £35.00
Fettercairn 1992 15 years oldLot number: 013248Winning bid: £30.00
Flora & Fauna Bladnoch 10Lot number: 013249Winning bid: £45.00
Flora & Fauna Blair Athol 12Lot number: 013250Winning bid: £35.00
Flora & Fauna Caol Ila 15Lot number: 013251Item failed to meet reserve.
Flora & Fauna Dailuiane 16Lot number: 013252Winning bid: £55.00
Flora & Fauna Glen Spey 12Lot number: 013253Winning bid: £35.00
Flora & Fauna Glenlossie 10Lot number: 013254Winning bid: £35.00
Flora & Fauna Rosebank 12Lot number: 013256Winning bid: £60.00
Flora & Fauna Rosebank 12Lot number: 013257Winning bid: £75.00
Flora & Fauna Rosebank 12Lot number: 013255Winning bid: £60.00
Flora and Fauna ClynelishLot number: 013258Winning bid: £70.00
Friar John Cor QuincentenaryLot number: 013258aWinning bid: £75.00
Glasgow TripleLot number: 013259Item failed to meet reserve.
Glen Albyn 1965Lot number: 013260Winning bid: £170.00
Glen Deveron 1990Lot number: 013261Winning bid: £35.00
Glen Deveron 1992 - 10 years oldLot number: 013262Winning bid: £20.00
Glen Flagler 12 years oldLot number: 013263Winning bid: £160.00
Glen Flagler 1973 - 30 years oldLot number: 013264Winning bid: £470.00
Glen GariochLot number: 013265Winning bid: £150.00
Glen Grant 45 years oldLot number: 013266Winning bid: £150.00
Glen Moray 1960 - 26 years oldLot number: 013267Winning bid: £300.00
Glen Ord 12 years oldLot number: 013268Winning bid: £30.00
Glen Ord 28 years oldLot number: 013269Winning bid: £105.00
Glen Spey - The Manager's DramLot number: 013270Winning bid: £145.00
Glen Spey 8 years single maltLot number: 013271Item failed to meet reserve.
Glenburgie 8 years oldLot number: 013272Winning bid: £25.00
Glencadam 15Lot number: 013273Winning bid: £40.00
Glencraig 1970Lot number: 013274Winning bid: £105.00
GlenDronach 1992 17 Year Old Single Cask #401Lot number: 013275Winning bid: £105.00
GlenDronach 1994 14 Year Old Single Cask #2311Lot number: 013276Winning bid: £55.00
Glendronach 33 years oldLot number: 013277Winning bid: £220.00
Glenfarclas 150Lot number: 013278Winning bid: £170.00
Glenfarclas 30 years oldLot number: 013279Winning bid: £105.00
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