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The 14th Auction

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The 14th auction dawns on some of the best bottles we've auctioned. The Black Bowmore, fabled, fabulous from Warehouse Number One, a single cask Largiemeanoch from 1969, the incredible Springbank Millennium Collection, including the six miniatures. Apart from those, we have an alphabet's soup of fantastic whiskies, from Ardbeg Mor to Macallan Albert Watson. In between, we have some old and rare whiskies from Strathisla from 1958, a 1969 Convalmore, a Glen Keith from 1965 along with a St Magdalene, a Kinclaith, Killyloch .... the list goes on an on. We've got our usual cornucopia of easy buy, easy drink whiskies as well. Please feel free to have a look around.



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Finlaggan Old ReserveLot number: 014203Winning bid: £30.00
Flora & Fauna Aultmore 12 years oldLot number: 014204Winning bid: £190.00
Flora & Fauna Clynelish 14Lot number: 014205Winning bid: £55.00
Flora & Fauna Clynelish 14Lot number: 014206Winning bid: £55.00
Flora & Fauna Craigellachie 14Lot number: 014207Winning bid: £290.00
Flora & Fauna DaluianeLot number: 014208Winning bid: £35.00
Flora & Fauna Glenlossie 10Lot number: 014209Winning bid: £105.00
Flora & Fauna Mannochnore 12yoLot number: 014210Winning bid: £105.00
Flora & Fauna Rosebank 12Lot number: 014213Winning bid: £80.00
Flora & Fauna Rosebank 12Lot number: 014211Winning bid: £80.00
Flora & Fauna Rosebank 12Lot number: 014212Winning bid: £70.00
Fonesca's Vintage PortLot number: 014214Winning bid: £45.00
Forres Centenary BlendLot number: 014215Winning bid: £30.00
Friar John Cor QuincentenaryLot number: 014216Winning bid: £40.00
Gautier Concorde CognacLot number: 014217Winning bid: £40.00
Glayva Gift SetLot number: 014218Winning bid: £35.00
Glen Albyn 1968Lot number: 014219Winning bid: £100.00
Glen Cairn 10 years oldLot number: 014220Winning bid: £15.00
Glen Deveron 10Lot number: 014221Item failed to meet reserve.
Glen Deveron/Macduff 8 years oldLot number: 014222Item failed to meet reserve.
Glen Elgin 12yo pure maltLot number: 014223Winning bid: £70.00
Glen Elgin 1969 - 40 years oldLot number: 014224Winning bid: £370.00
Glen Flagler 23 years oldLot number: 014225Winning bid: £320.00
Glen Garioch 21Lot number: 014226Winning bid: £70.00
Glen Garioch 8yoLot number: 014227Winning bid: £65.00
Glen Gordon 15 years oldLot number: 014228Winning bid: £25.00
Glen Grant 25yoLot number: 014229Winning bid: £55.00
Glen Keith 1965Lot number: 014230Winning bid: £125.00
Glen Mhor 16yo DecanterLot number: 014231Winning bid: £65.00
Glen Mhor 1966 - 34 years oldLot number: 014232Winning bid: £170.00
Glen Mhor 1966 - 43 years oldLot number: 014233Winning bid: £260.00
Glen Mhor 1979Lot number: 014234Winning bid: £100.00
Glen Mhor 25 Years OldLot number: 014235Winning bid: £160.00
Glen Moray 1962Lot number: 014236Winning bid: £240.00
Glen Moray, The Black WatchLot number: 014237Winning bid: £65.00
Glen Ord 28 years oldLot number: 014238Winning bid: £95.00
Glen Rothes 12yoLot number: 014239Winning bid: £80.00
Glen Spey 21 year oldLot number: 014240Winning bid: £55.00
Glen Turner 12 Pure MaltLot number: 014241Winning bid: £15.00
Glenallachie 12Lot number: 014242Winning bid: £45.00
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