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The 17th Auction

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The 17th auction is upon us and once again we've got hundreds of lots. Some very old and desirable whiskies have come to us from Italy, including an incredible Strathisla that was distilled in 1937, and a Highland Park from 1958. The rarest of the four Janet Sheed Roberts' bottlings - the first public official bottling of single malt Kininvie. Sherry matured and released in 2008 in celebration of the 107th birthday of Janet Sheed Roberts; Granddaughter of William Grant. We have a trio of the newest Macallan Diamond Jubilees and a simply beautiful Macallan set of minis from 1947 to 1989, all housed in a magnificent oak case made by (Viscount) Linley. There's an astonishingly rare collection of 26 malts from SMWS, one of only 20 collections in the world. We have #1. #2, #3 of Balvenie Tuns,as well as a beautiful Balvenie 18 Classic in the flat bottle. As usual there are plenty of drinking drams and well as collectibles. We know we say it a lot, but there really is something for everyone, so happy browsing. And bidding!

Bill, Tam and Mick

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Brechin North Port 1982Lot number: 017161Winning bid: £75.00
Brora 30 Year Old 2009 ReleaseLot number: 017162Winning bid: £250.00
Brora 32 Year Old 2011 ReleaseLot number: 017163Winning bid: £400.00
Bruichladdich 10 Tall BottleLot number: 017164Winning bid: £50.00
Bruichladdich 10 Year OldLot number: 017165Winning bid: £35.00
Bruichladdich 12 Year OldLot number: 017166Winning bid: £35.00
Bruichladdich 12 Year Old Second EditionLot number: 017167Winning bid: £35.00
Bruichladdich 18 Year OldLot number: 017168Winning bid: £50.00
Bruichladdich 1986 Vintage Single CaskLot number: 017169Winning bid: £70.00
Bruichladdich 1989 Full StrengthLot number: 017170Winning bid: £40.00
Bruichladdich 1989 Full StrengthLot number: 017171Winning bid: £45.00
Bruichladdich 1993 OddbinsLot number: 017172Winning bid: £35.00
Bruichladdich 1993 OddbinsLot number: 017173Winning bid: £35.00
Bruichladdich 1994 VintageLot number: 017174Winning bid: £55.00
Bruichladdich Ancien Regime & Renaissance 2011Lot number: 017175Winning bid: £85.00
Bruichladdich Ancien Regime Feis Ile 2011Lot number: 017176Winning bid: £65.00
Bruichladdich Celtic NationsLot number: 017178Winning bid: £95.00
Bruichladdich Feis Ile 2010 Islay Barley 2004 50clLot number: 017180Winning bid: £100.00
Bruichladdich Feis Ile 2012 Nostalgia BaroloLot number: 017177Winning bid: £75.00
Bruichladdich Infinity 2nd EditionLot number: 017179Winning bid: £55.00
Bruichladdich Legacy Four - 32 years oldLot number: 017181Winning bid: £160.00
Bruichladdich Links, The Old Course St AndrewsLot number: 017182Winning bid: £85.00
Bruichladdich Links, Vancouver CanadaLot number: 017183Winning bid: £40.00
Bruichladdich Octomore #2Lot number: 017184Winning bid: £125.00
Bruichladdich Octomore Futures The BeastLot number: 017187Winning bid: £85.00
Bruichladdich Octomore Futures The BeastLot number: 017188Winning bid: £85.00
Bruichladdich Octomore Futures The BeastLot number: 017186Winning bid: £105.00
Bruichladdich Organic FuturesLot number: 017189Winning bid: £40.00
Bruichladdich ResurrectionLot number: 017190Winning bid: £30.00
Bruichladdich T B Watson CentenaryLot number: 017191Winning bid: £35.00
Bruichladdich The Black Art 1989Lot number: 017192Winning bid: £180.00
Bruichladdich Trestarig FuturesLot number: 017193Winning bid: £95.00
Bruichladdich Valinch – Mayor of IslayLot number: 017194Winning bid: £60.00
Bruichladdich Valinch – Michael Jackson BottlingLot number: 017195Winning bid: £100.00
Bruichladdich Valinch – Queen’s 80th BirthdayLot number: 017196Winning bid: £95.00
Bruichladdich Valinch – Whisky Dream DramLot number: 017197Winning bid: £60.00
Bruichladdich Valinch El ClassicoLot number: 017198Winning bid: £55.00
Bruichladdich Valinch I Was ThereLot number: 017199Winning bid: £400.00
Bruichladdich Valinch The Queen's AwardLot number: 017200Winning bid: £60.00
Bruichladdich Valinch The Tonga ValinchLot number: 017201Winning bid: £60.00
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