The 18th Auction

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The 18th auction is now live - and alive with some fabulous whiskies. It's our biggest auction yet, with more than 700 lots, featuring our usual heady mix of top-class whiskies with easy-buying, easy-drinking drams. We've Ardbegs to whet the appetite, including a Guaranteed 10 Year Old in the very scarce clear bottle. Balvenie Tun #1 makes a welcome reappearance, alongside the record-breaking Laphroaig 17 year from Feis Ile 2004. Macallan weighs in with a 25th anniversary from 1962, a brace of Private Eyes and a couple of 1951 minis. Glenfarclas enters the fray with a '59. we've a Dalmore 1981 and a rare Johnnie Walker Honour. We could go on, but we simply invite you to enter our site and browse to your heart's content.



Enjoy - Bill, Tam and Mick

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Port Ellen 1979 - 14 Year OldLot number: 018604Winning bid: £175.00
Port Ellen 1979 - 22 Year OldLot number: 018605Winning bid: £165.00
Port Ellen 1979 - 32 Year OldLot number: 018606Winning bid: £380.00
Port Ellen 1979 Spirit Of ScotlandLot number: 018607Winning bid: £160.00
Port Ellen 1980Lot number: 018608Winning bid: £155.00
Port Ellen 1980Lot number: 018609Winning bid: £210.00
Port Ellen 1981 - 18 Year OldLot number: 018610Winning bid: £160.00
Port Ellen 1982Lot number: 018611Winning bid: £160.00
Port Ellen 1982 - 13 Year OldLot number: 018612Winning bid: £230.00
Port Ellen 1982 - 19 Year OldLot number: 018613Winning bid: £155.00
Port Ellen 1983 - 27 Year OldLot number: 018614Winning bid: £160.00
Port Ellen 2nd ReleaseLot number: 018615Winning bid: £420.00
Port Ellen 4th ReleaseLot number: 018616Winning bid: £600.00
Port Ellen 6th ReleaseLot number: 018618Item failed to meet reserve.
Port Ellen 6th ReleaseLot number: 018617Winning bid: £430.00
Port Ellen 9th ReleaseLot number: 018619Winning bid: £370.00
Pulteney 1977Lot number: 018620Winning bid: £65.00
Rare Malts Brora 1982 - 20 Year OldLot number: 018621Winning bid: £240.00
Rare Malts Brora 1982 - 20 Year OldLot number: 018622Winning bid: £260.00
Rare Malts Caol Ila 1978 - 23 years oldLot number: 018623Winning bid: £145.00
Rare Malts Clynelish 1972 - 24 Year OldLot number: 018624Winning bid: £185.00
Rare Malts Glen Mhor 28 Year OldLot number: 018625Winning bid: £135.00
Rare Malts North Port 20 Year OldLot number: 018626Winning bid: £180.00
Remy Martin XO ExcellenceLot number: 018627Winning bid: £65.00
Rittenhouse RyeLot number: 018628Winning bid: £35.00
Robbie Dhu 12 Year OldLot number: 018629Winning bid: £30.00
Robbie Dhu 12 Year Old 5 x MinisLot number: 018630Winning bid: £15.00
Rock Hill FarmsLot number: 018631Winning bid: £45.00
Roseisle Maltings 25th AnniversaryLot number: 018632Item failed to meet reserve.
Royal BracklaLot number: 018633Winning bid: £35.00
Royal Brackla 10Lot number: 018634Winning bid: £40.00
Sailor Jerry Original BottlingLot number: 018635Winning bid: £35.00
Sailor Jerry Rum - Old Bottling & First BottlingLot number: 018636Winning bid: £65.00
Signatory Supreme Decanter With 104 Different MaltsLot number: 018637Winning bid: £80.00
Singleton of Auchroisk 10 Year OldLot number: 018638Winning bid: £50.00
SMWS 10.71 Bunnahabhain 11 Year OldLot number: 018639Winning bid: £70.00
SMWS 105.15 Tormore 28 Year OldLot number: 018640Winning bid: £80.00
SMWS 121.40 Arran 7 Year OldLot number: 018641Winning bid: £65.00
SMWS 128.1 Penderyn Port 6 Year OldLot number: 018642Winning bid: £210.00
SMWS 129.1 Kilchoman 2006 5 year oldLot number: 018643Winning bid: £300.00
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