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The 22nd Auction

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Welcome to the 22nd auction - our biggest yet with more than 1100 lots. We have the usual eclectic collection of old and rare whiskies, and easy-buying, easy-drinking drams. We have the Springbank Millennium Collection, 20cl bottlings from 25 to 50 years old. We have an abundance of Ardbegs, including a Very Old Guaranteed 30 Years and a single Cask Lord Robertson, a cornucopia of Cadenheads, including a quartet of dumpy bottles, two magnificent Douglas Laing 60th Anniversary offerings from Ardbeg and Port Ellen, and one of only 250 Bladnoch first editions after Raymond Armstrong bought the distillery from Diageo. Glen Flagler, Kinclaith, Ladyburn, Garnheath - all great names from now silent distilleries - remind us of what we have lost from the whisky industry. We've got the first of this year's Easter Elchies, a couple of Lagavulin 15 year old flagons, a feast of Flora & Fauna. Sorry we were a bit late getting started this month, but when you see how much we've got for you, we feel sure you'll forgive us.



Very kind regards from Glasgow

The SWA Team

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Bruichladdich Valinch Temple Of DramsLot number: 0220361Winning bid: £80.00
Bruichladdich Valinch The Drambusters SignedLot number: 0220362Item failed to meet reserve.
Bruichladdich Valinch The Guitar ManLot number: 0220363Winning bid: £70.00
Buchanan's De Luxe 12 Year OldLot number: 0220364Winning bid: £20.00
Bunnabhabhain 1991Lot number: 0220365Winning bid: £35.00
Bunnahabhain 1966 35 Year OldLot number: 0220366Winning bid: £440.00
Bunnahabhain 1966 37 Year Old Celtic HeartlandsLot number: 0220367Winning bid: £230.00
Bunnahabhain 1968 41 Year OldLot number: 0220368Winning bid: £310.00
Bunnahabhain Darach Ur 1LLot number: 0220370Winning bid: £45.00
Bunnahabhain Feis Ile 2009 Moine With KeyringLot number: 0220371Winning bid: £120.00
Bunnahabhain XXV 25 Year Old in Presentation Box With CertificateLot number: 0220369Winning bid: £150.00
Cadenhead's Allt-A-Bhainne 1980Lot number: 0220372Winning bid: £140.00
Cadenhead's Braes of Glenlivet 1987 10 Year Old Cask StrengthLot number: 0220373Winning bid: £60.00
Cadenhead's Braes of Glenlivet 1989 17 Year OldLot number: 0220374Winning bid: £65.00
Cadenhead's Coleburn-Glenlivet 1978 17 Year OldLot number: 0220375Winning bid: £100.00
Cadenhead's Convalmore-Glenlivet 1977 20 Year OldLot number: 0220376Winning bid: £110.00
Cadenhead's Dailuaine 1962 22 Year Old Dumpy BottleLot number: 0220377Winning bid: £240.00
Cadenhead's Glen Esk 1982Lot number: 0220378Item failed to meet reserve.
Cadenhead's Glen Esk 1982 14 Year OldLot number: 0220379Winning bid: £80.00
Cadenhead's Glen Esk 1982 14 Year OldLot number: 0220380Winning bid: £55.00
Cadenhead's Glen Grant 1964 42 Year OldLot number: 0220381Winning bid: £195.00
Cadenhead's Glen Mhor 20 Year Old Cask StrengthLot number: 0220382Winning bid: £95.00
Cadenhead's Glendullan-Glenlivet 1964 18 Year Old Dumpy BottleLot number: 0220383Winning bid: £220.00
Cadenhead's Glendullan-Glenlivet 1996 12 Year OldLot number: 0220384Winning bid: £30.00
Cadenhead's Glenfiddich-Glenlivet 1963 30 Year OldLot number: 0220385Winning bid: £180.00
Cadenhead's Glenury Royal 1973 25 Year OldLot number: 0220386Winning bid: £105.00
Cadenhead's Highland Park 1988 10 Year OldLot number: 0220387Winning bid: £60.00
Cadenhead's Laphroaig 1984 13 Year OldLot number: 0220388Winning bid: £135.00
Cadenhead's Longrow 10 Year OldLot number: 0220389Winning bid: £50.00
Cadenhead's Longrow 1992 9 Year OldLot number: 0220390Winning bid: £50.00
Cadenhead's Longrow 1992 9 Year OldLot number: 0220391Winning bid: £50.00
Cadenhead's Macallan 1989 14 Year OldLot number: 0220392Winning bid: £55.00
Cadenhead's Macduff 12 Year Old Dumpy BottleLot number: 0220393Winning bid: £220.00
Cadenhead's Millburn 1974 22 year OldLot number: 0220394Winning bid: £105.00
Cadenhead's Ord 1964 16 Year Old Dumpy BottleLot number: 0220395Winning bid: £340.00
Cadenhead's Pittyvaich 1977 Cask StrengthLot number: 0220396Winning bid: £150.00
Cadenhead's Pittyvaich-Glenlivet 1985Lot number: 0220397Winning bid: £60.00
Cadenhead's Springbank 8 Year OldLot number: 0220398Winning bid: £75.00
Cadenhead's Strathmill 1980 Cask StrengthLot number: 0220399Winning bid: £115.00
Campbeltown Loch 30 Year Old BlendLot number: 0220400Winning bid: £80.00
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