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The 23rd Auction

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Welcome to our 23rd auction, which again has more than 1000 lots to browse and bid on. Star of the show is an incredibly rare Ardbeg from 1965. Bottle 100 of 261 released, it comes with matching mini in a plexiglass case and plinth to properly display it. The Port Ellen Maltings makes its first appearance along with a brace of Port Ellen very limited releases for Feis Ile 2008. A Strathmill from the days of King George V is in, along with its price tag of 12/6. A staggering 8/5 went to the government in tax. It'll probably go for a bit more than 63 pence. We have some lovely old Ladyburns, a remarkable 5 year old Clynelish, a scarce Glenlivet K, and a couple of old Macallans - one from 1967, the other from 10 years earlier. We have a Glendronach 150th Anniversary screen print label, a similarly-labelled Glenfarclas-Glenlivet and a magnificent 50 year old Glenury Royal. There's a lovely Old Angus liqueur Scotch from the War years, more Managers Drams than there are distilleries to manage, a full range of Flora and Fauna and a riot of Rare Malts. As usual there are plenty of easy buy, easy drink drams.


Our site has a new addition which we're very pleased about. When you come to pay for your bottles, you will now be able to pay by Credit or Debit Card. Debit cards are free; we have to charge 3% above your purchase price if you pay by credit card.


We hope you enjoy the 23rd auction.


Kind regards from Glasgow

The SWA Team

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Bell's 8 Year Old Millennium ReleaseLot number: 230161Winning bid: £45.00
Bell's Decanter 50th Wedding AnniversaryLot number: 230162Winning bid: £20.00
Bell's Decanter 8 Year Old Golden JubileeLot number: 230163Winning bid: £35.00
Bell's Decanter 8 Year Old Prince Of Wales 50th BirthdayLot number: 230164Winning bid: £20.00
Bell's Decanter 8 Year Old Queen's Golden WeddingLot number: 230165Winning bid: £10.00
Bell's Decanter 8 Year Old Xmas 1995Lot number: 230166Winning bid: £20.00
Bell's Decanter 8 Year Old Xmas 1996Lot number: 230167Winning bid: £15.00
Bell's Decanter 8 Year Old Xmas 1997Lot number: 230168Winning bid: £15.00
Bell's Decanter 8 Year Old Xmas 1998Lot number: 230169Winning bid: £15.00
Bell's Decanter Birth of Prince HarryLot number: 230170Winning bid: £15.00
Bell's Decanter Birth of Prince WilliamLot number: 230171Winning bid: £15.00
Bell's Decanter Golden Jubilee DecanterLot number: 230172Winning bid: £25.00
Bell's Decanter Price Of Wales 50th BirthdayLot number: 230173Winning bid: £15.00
Bell's Decanter Queen Mum 100 YearsLot number: 230174Winning bid: £20.00
Bell's Decanter Queen's 60th BirthdayLot number: 230175Winning bid: £20.00
Bell's Decanter Xmas 1991Lot number: 230176Winning bid: £10.00
Bell's Decanters Christmas 1989,1990,1993 & 1994Lot number: 230177Winning bid: £45.00
Bell's Decanters X 2 Queen's 60th Birthday & Birth Of Prince HarryLot number: 230178Winning bid: £25.00
Bell's Decanters x 3 Queen Mum's 90th Birthday, Christmas 1990 & 18.5cl DecanterLot number: 230179Winning bid: £30.00
Bell's Decanters Xmas 1998, 1999 & 2000Lot number: 230180Winning bid: £45.00
Bell's Help for HeroesLot number: 230181Winning bid: £15.00
Bell's Royal Reserve 20 Year 75clLot number: 230182Winning bid: £40.00
Ben Nevis Blue Label & Ben Nevis 10 Year OldLot number: 230183Winning bid: £40.00
Ben Wyvis 1968 31 Year Old Decanter With MiniatureLot number: 230184Winning bid: £660.00
Benriach 10 Year OldLot number: 230185Winning bid: £30.00
Benrinnes 12 Year Old the Manager's DramLot number: 230186Winning bid: £155.00
Benrinnes 1979 18 Year OldLot number: 230187Winning bid: £75.00
Benrinnes Centenary Reserve 1978Lot number: 230188Winning bid: £50.00
Bill McLaren's Famous XVLot number: 230189Winning bid: £40.00
Black & White x 2Lot number: 230190Winning bid: £30.00
Black Barrel Single Grain 1LLot number: 230191Item failed to meet reserve.
Black Bottle & Macleod's Isle Of SkyLot number: 230192Winning bid: £30.00
Black Bottle 10 Year OldLot number: 230193Winning bid: £40.00
Black Bottle 10 Year Old Islay JazzLot number: 230194Winning bid: £100.00
Black Bush 1L, Bushmills 1L & Locke's 1LLot number: 230195Winning bid: £50.00
Blair Athol 15 Year Old Manager's DramLot number: 230196Winning bid: £140.00
Blair Athol 15 Year Old Manager's DramLot number: 230197Winning bid: £135.00
Blair Athol 18 Year Old 200 Year AnniversaryLot number: 230198Winning bid: £95.00
Blair Athol 8 Year Old 75clLot number: 230199Winning bid: £40.00
Blair Athol Cask StrengthLot number: 230200Winning bid: £65.00
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