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The 55th Auction

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Welcome one and all to our 55th auction and once again we bring you a dazzling array of rare, old, drinkable, collectable, gluggable and down right wonderful whisky from Scotland, Japan and the rest of the world.

You know how it is you wait for ages for a wonderful old Dalmore and then two come along at once. In order of age we have a 12 year old and a 20 year old from the days before the Whyte & Mackay takeover in 1960.

Macallan is once again at the forefront of our special lots with a Macallan-Glenlivet from 1940, another bottled by Cadenhead's from 1963. There is also a wonderful series of cask strength offerings from cask numbers #4063, #17937, #9780 , #552, #24483 and #24680.

Karuizawa brings us a 30 year old bottled for Kinlonz Culture as well as four from the Mercian era here, here, here and here as well as one from Ocean. There is also the Karuizawa 1983 Nepal Appeal Cask #3557 one of only 50 numbered bottles.

Laphroaig rises from the smokey lands of Islay with bottles from 1960 and 1977.

There are venerable blends from the Pride of Strathspey, Park Lane and a Black & White 1949.

And that's not all! There are over 2,800 lots in this auction so you are guaranteed to find something to tempt you! So go on, dive in have a root around and remember don't lose your bottle!

All the best from the The SWA Team.

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Bowmore Hand Filled 4th EditionLot number: 0551356Winning bid: £95.00
Bowmore Hand Filled 4th EditionLot number: 0550943Winning bid: £95.00
Bowmore Hand Filled 5th EditionLot number: 0551354Winning bid: £125.00
Bowmore Hand Filled 6th EditionLot number: 0551095Winning bid: £150.00
Bowmore Hand Filled 6th EditionLot number: 0551355Winning bid: £150.00
Bowmore Hand Filled 9th EditionLot number: 0551358Winning bid: £165.00
Bowmore Ingredients & 12 Year Old Mini 5cl SetLot number: 0551852Winning bid: £25.00
Bowmore Islay 4 High SpiritsLot number: 0552345Winning bid: £40.00
Bowmore Laimrig 15 Year OldLot number: 0552860Winning bid: £80.00
Bowmore Legend Of The Princess GiantLot number: 0551959Winning bid: £50.00
Bowmore MacBeatha 15 Year Old 1st Edition Feis Ile 2007Lot number: 0551257Winning bid: £240.00
Bowmore MacBeatha 4th EditionLot number: 0552704Winning bid: £55.00
Bowmore Mariner 15 Year Old with Water JugLot number: 0551949Winning bid: £55.00
Bowmore Mizunara CaskLot number: 0552864Winning bid: £900.00
Bowmore Sea Dragon 30 Year Old 2012 ReleaseLot number: 0551418Winning bid: £700.00
Bowmore Tempest 10 Year Old Batch #1Lot number: 0551977Winning bid: £95.00
Bowmore Tempest 10 Year Old Batch #2Lot number: 0551108Winning bid: £45.00
Bowmore Tempest Feis Ile 2010 10 Year Old Small Batch Release #1Lot number: 0551104Winning bid: £140.00
Braeval 12 Year Old Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund Clan DennyLot number: 0552145Winning bid: £40.00
Braeval 8 Year Old Premier Barrel Baxter's ExclusiveLot number: 0550145Winning bid: £35.00
Braeval Deerstalker 15 Year OldLot number: 0550077Winning bid: £35.00
Brandy Riserva 1958 Fabbri 75clLot number: 0551952Winning bid: £115.00
Brass & Pewter Georgian Beer TankardsLot number: 0551580Winning bid: £25.00
Brass Victorian Spirit Measures & Georgian Beer TankardLot number: 0552322Winning bid: £15.00
Brechin North Port 1976 24 Year Old First CaskLot number: 0552784Winning bid: £150.00
Brora 30 Year Old 2002 ReleaseLot number: 0551262Winning bid: £980.00
Brora 30 Year Old 2003 ReleaseLot number: 0551819Winning bid: £680.00
Brora 30 Year Old 2006 ReleaseLot number: 0551407Winning bid: £720.00
Brora 30 Year Old 2006 ReleaseLot number: 0551447Winning bid: £700.00
Brora 30 Year Old 2007 ReleaseLot number: 0552555Winning bid: £620.00
Brora 30 Year Old 2007 ReleaseLot number: 0551153Winning bid: £660.00
Brora 30 Year Old 2009 ReleaseLot number: 0552556Winning bid: £600.00
Brora 35 Year Old 2013 ReleaseLot number: 0551993Winning bid: £680.00
Bruichladdich 17 Year Old 1LLot number: 0551777Winning bid: £90.00
Bruichladdich 18 Year OldLot number: 0550557Winning bid: £85.00
Bruichladdich 1969 22 Year Old Stillman's ReserveLot number: 0550857Winning bid: £210.00
Bruichladdich 1984Lot number: 0551805Winning bid: £100.00
Bruichladdich 1989 13 Year Old Full StrengthLot number: 0551806Winning bid: £80.00
Bruichladdich 1998 Manzanilla FinishLot number: 0552010Winning bid: £95.00
Bruichladdich 1998 Oloroso FinishLot number: 0552002Winning bid: £95.00
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