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The 68th Auction

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Hello and welcome to the newsletter for our 68th auction.

This December we are festooned with festive treats for you. A glittering gallery of whisky royalty awaits!

Who wouldn't want to find this majestic Highland Park 1960 50 Year Old in their Christmas stocking? With its wonderful sherried contents and handcrafted silver caged bottle, it has enjoyed SWA employees fawning over it since it arrived at the office. But that's just the tip of the Highland Park iceberg. The Orkney distillery is extremely well represented with many lovely vintage expressions, such as this cask strength bottling from 1955, and this much sought after Dragon bottling.

Moving to the mainland, we have some real stars from Dalmore with two of its legendary Constellation collection (see what we did there?). A 33 Year Old from 1979 and this 30 Year Old from 1981. We'd love to pit them against this wonderful 20 Year Old at a tasting! As if that wasn't enough from the Highlanders, from Perthshire comes this awesome 1952 Tullibardine 60 Year Old, in a wonderful tear drop decanter.

Now, enough of all these youngsters! If this 70 Year Old Macallan Speymalt from legendary bottlers Gordon & Macphail doesn't get you excited, we don't know what will. Distilled in 1945 and matured in a first fill Sherry Hogshead, this understated masterpiece really is bottled liquid history!

Sticking with the Speysiders, how about this elegant Glenlivet Winchester? Or this 1954 Mortlach from Gordon & Macphail? Or this 1937 Balvenie 50 Year Old? We could go on, but that would just be showing off.

What about whisky from elsewhere in the world? As you would expect we have a pretty wide range of Japanese whisky, including this monstrous 1964 Karuizawa 48 Year Old and the ultra rare Karuizawa Sakura, which also just happens to be bottle number 1! There's a good showing from the USA too, with a beautiful bounty of Bourbons, like this 1974 Kentucky Bourbon from the legendary Willett Distillery.

Hopefully, that's whetted your appetites! As usual we have a vast selection of tasty drinkers from Scotland, and all over the world. The quality of this month's auction really is mind blowing, so get stuck in, look around and Don't Lose Your Bottle!

Good Luck from everyone here at SWA HQ!

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Antiquary 26 2/3 Fl OzsLot number: 068-2260Winning bid: £30.00
Appleton Classic White Jamaican Rum 1LLot number: 068-0858Winning bid: £20.00
Ardbeg - A Peaty Provenance BookLot number: 068-1019Winning bid: £150.00
Ardbeg 10 Year OldLot number: 068-5018Winning bid: £50.00
Ardbeg 10 Year OldLot number: 068-5019Winning bid: £50.00
Ardbeg 10 Year OldLot number: 068-3676Winning bid: £80.00
Ardbeg 10 Year OldLot number: 068-2021Winning bid: £40.00
Ardbeg 10 Year Old & Ardbeg 17 Year Old Minis 2 x 5clLot number: 068-1738Winning bid: £30.00
Ardbeg 10 Year Old & Ardbeg Blasda Minis 2 x 5clLot number: 068-1739Winning bid: £20.00
Ardbeg 10 Year Old & Glass Set German ExclusiveLot number: 068-0807Winning bid: £55.00
Ardbeg 10 Year Old 1LLot number: 068-5017Winning bid: £55.00
Ardbeg 10 Year Old 1LLot number: 068-4836Winning bid: £45.00
Ardbeg 10 Year Old 35clLot number: 068-0944Winning bid: £20.00
Ardbeg 10 Year Old Escape PackLot number: 068-1526Winning bid: £75.00
Ardbeg 17 Year OldLot number: 068-0578Winning bid: £230.00
Ardbeg 1967 32 Year Old Old Malt CaskLot number: 068-3394Winning bid: £2200.00
Ardbeg 1972 13 Year Old Sestante 75clLot number: 068-3396Winning bid: £1050.00
Ardbeg 1974 Connoisseurs ChoiceLot number: 068-3395Winning bid: £420.00
Ardbeg 1974 Gordon & MacphailLot number: 068-3985Winning bid: £360.00
Ardbeg 1974 Provenance 1st ReleaseLot number: 068-3624Winning bid: £3200.00
Ardbeg 1975Lot number: 068-1399Winning bid: £460.00
Ardbeg 1975Lot number: 068-3421Winning bid: £560.00
Ardbeg 1975Lot number: 068-2952Winning bid: £410.00
ARDBEG 1976 Single CASK #2391 MANAGER'S CHOICELot number: 068-2936Winning bid: £2600.00
Ardbeg 1977Lot number: 068-2086Winning bid: £520.00
Ardbeg 1978 1998 ReleaseLot number: 068-0391Winning bid: £330.00
Ardbeg 1990 Cask EndLot number: 068-1717Winning bid: £140.00
Ardbeg 1990 Single Cask #86Lot number: 068-1929Winning bid: £560.00
Ardbeg 1990 Single Cask #86Lot number: 068-1727Winning bid: £800.00
Ardbeg 1991 15 Year Old For Whisky FairLot number: 068-1733Winning bid: £125.00
Ardbeg 1991 Mackillop's ChoiceLot number: 068-4045Winning bid: £95.00
Ardbeg 1992 Single Cask #772Lot number: 068-1725Winning bid: £580.00
Ardbeg 1993 11 Year Old Cadenhead'sLot number: 068-0943Winning bid: £95.00
Ardbeg 1993 18 Year Old Murray McDavidLot number: 068-0166Winning bid: £170.00
Ardbeg 1993 21 Year Old Cadenhead'sLot number: 068-2481Winning bid: £185.00
Ardbeg 1993 21 Year Old THE FIRST EDITIONS AUTHORS' SERIES NO. 4 Rudyard KiplingLot number: 068-1349Winning bid: £420.00
Ardbeg 1993 22 Year Old Cadenhead'sLot number: 068-2602Winning bid: £300.00
Ardbeg 1994 17 Year Old Cadenhead'sLot number: 068-1732Winning bid: £135.00
Ardbeg 1994 Connoisseurs ChoiceLot number: 068-4185Winning bid: £130.00
Ardbeg 1998 11 Year Old Chieftain'sLot number: 068-1730Winning bid: £100.00
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