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Ended November 3, 2019

Hello and welcome to our October Auction! If you’re here for the booos then you’ve been summoned to the fright place.. Yes it’s nearly Halloween and we have a full cauldron of tricks and treats for you.

Straight out the coffin we have a superb bottle of Macallan 1957 Over 25 Year Old Anniversary Malt. This bottle unlike many other over 25s we have seen before, is a first edition bottling! This really is an extremely rare and bewitching bottle. Witch better way to spend some top dollar on some blood red liquid. Too much? Just you wait..

With the London Whisky Show having just passed, we have seen an influx of special releases.

Some have been harder to see than others..The Whisky Exchange released a four bottle series called ‘The Magic of the Cask’ for their 20th anniversary celebrations. The magical label design hides all the bottle information until a UV light is shined on it! I bet you’re dying to see, so fear not, for each bottle comes with its own UV torch so you actually know what poison your drinking.

Other latest releases from this month include Bimber’s first release which is some of the first single malt to be produced in London in over a century. For more 20th anniversary antics, The Whisky Exchange also released a 25 year old Glenfarclas. Both look trrremendous so bone appetit!

In proper Halloween style, Glenrothes have stepped up yet again with a 2019 seasonal release, this time matured in peated casks for a smokey sinister flavour and presented in a ghostly white bottle. Douglas Laing have also released a 22 year old Auchentoshan distilled on the 31st October 1996. What a chilling dram.

Along with some fa-boo-lous Balvenie single casks distilled in the 70s we also have for the first time a new Laphroaig. Launched as an apt accompaniment to the Ian Hunter Story series - celebrating the life of the former distillery manager who helped establish the Laphroaig brand as we recognise it today - the Islay distillery have released this 25 Year Old as the Bessie Williamson Story. Bessie was a pioneer in the whisky-making industry by becoming the only woman to own and run a Scottish distillery in the 20th century. She was later named American spokesperson for the Scotch Whisky Association touring and representing the whiskies of Islay in the US, so let’s raise our goblets to Bessie!

Well people have a fang-tastic Halloween and remember there's plenty more bottles this month to lift your spirits so get tucked in, dust off the cobwebs and remember…

Don’t loooose your bottle!

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