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Ended September 6, 2020

A warm if not slightly soggy welcome to our late summer auction here in rainy Glasgow! Not only do we have a voluptuous volume to digest this month but a fantastic spread of choice for the avid collector, drinker, right up to the extraordinary..

“Literally irreplaceable” and “Rolls Royce amongst malts”. These are the words of Macallan Chairman at the time, Allan Shiach describing the Macallan 1928 50 Year Old. Each bottle comes with a signed letter from Shiach and in it states, this was the oldest and rarest whisky to have been released from the distillery at the time. Aged in the Macallan’s finest casks for over fifty unbroken years, it was then bottled at cask strength from just three casks dated between 1926 and 1928! Sold for around £50 at the time of release, we think this may do a little more.

More rarities from the whisky heavens include the stunning First and Second Editions of the Springbank "Door Gods" series, an exclusive release for the Single Malt Club of China. According to Chinese custom, households are decorated with paintings to bring luck and happiness. These "Door Gods” take many forms and these four have been paired with four cask strength single casks and selected by leading whisky man with the ‘tache’, Charles MacLean.

As well in the Springbank department we also have a modest yet rare bottle of Cadenhead’s 1965 Springbank and not to mention five older 60s dumpy bottlings from Cadenhead’s, including a Glenfarclas-Glenlivet 1966.

For the slightly more extensive collectors out there looking to fill out their existing - yet not complete - malt sets, we have a healthy range of Manager’s Dram bottlings in as well as some fantastic older SMWS bottlings!

Other eclectic bottlings that catch the eye comprise two old Taliskers; one from the late 50s / early 60s and a Talisker Rare Old Liqueur with a label that Boutique Whisky Co could get some inspiration from. We also hold a bottle claimed to be the unicorn bottle among bourbon aficionados: LeNell Red Hook Rye. Consisting of just 4 barrels and a total of 852 bottles, this 23 & 24 Year Old American spirit has become somewhat finite liquid.

At Scotch Whisky Auctions, we like to offer you new and exciting releases to savour; be that whisky or something a little different.

Nero Vodka is a premium spirit and the UK-based producers have thought of everything to make this a very special drink. The use of 100% British potatoes instead of grain gives it a smooth and slightly sweet flavour profile making it wonderfully easy to drink as a self titled ‘sipping vodka’.

As well as being a great opportunity to bid on a delicious premium vodka, 100% of the hammer price from the bottles will go towards a charitable organisation. Blameless UK is a charity that has been close to the hearts of SWA for a long time. The organisation was formed to provide a sanctuary for children and families who have been affected by alcoholism and addiction. Their aim is to ensure that, no matter how extremely tough the lives of these people may get, they have access to a safe place where they can make happy memories by enjoying fun activities to help re-establish a sense of hope. At their facility based in the stadium of Hamilton Academical FC, Blameless provide their community with recovery days and open days which may involve anything from BBQs and carnivals to simply watching a home game.

With all that, and more, we hope you're as excited about this month's auction as we are.

Remember... Don't lose your bottle!

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