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Cask - GlenAllachie 2015 Bourbon Barrel #213 - In Storage At WhiskyBroker

Cask - GlenAllachie 2015 Bourbon Barrel #213 - In Storage At WhiskyBroker
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Lot number: 113-01362

Winning bid: £4,200

We are happy to offer the opportunity to bid on a Single Bourbon Barrel of GlenAllachie single malt whisky, that is currently held in bond at Whisky Broker.

Built in 1891, Glenallachie did not begin production until 1898. The whisky from this distillery initially was destined for the White Horse blend, but since Bacardi's takeover in 1998, the majority of its output now heads for the Dewar's range. The Glenallachie distillery was bought and mothballed by Invergordon Distillers in 1985. In 2017, Billy Walker, Graham Stevenson, and Trisha Savage bought the distillery as the Glenallachie Distillers Company Limited.

Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel

Cask Number: 213

Original Bulk: 193.73 Litres / 67% ABV / 129.8 Litres of alcohol

Re-gauged in April 2020:

New Bulk: 184.46 Litres / 65.5% ABV / 120.82 Litres of alcohol

If bottled at full cask strength, this would yield approximately 236 70cl bottles of 5 Year Old GlenAllachie single malt whisky.

Once the auction has concluded, the winner of this lot will have to complete all relevant transfer of ownership paperwork, and will be responsible for all costs relating to storage, removal from storage, bottling and duty/tax

The cask is currently held in bond by Whisky Broker. The current storage fee is £14.60 per year, insurance is at a cost of £0.0035 a year per £1 of the value of the cask.

There will also be a £20 administration fee payable to Whisky Broker to transfer ownership, for which the buyer will be liable.

Please note if the new owner is a UK revenue trader (business), they will need to be registered with HMRC and hold a WOWGR certificate.

Revenue traders from outside the UK will require a Duty Representative in the UK (the Duty Rep would be registered with HMRC and there is usually an annual charge for their services).