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Ended November 13, 2022

A warm and hearty welcome everyone to this our jam-packed 137th auction. As usual we have literally thousands of fantastic bottles to browse through this month, a worldwide smorgasbord of drams from Japan to Kentucky and everywhere in between. To save you some scrolling time we’ve taken the liberty of picking out a few great bottles to whet your appetite this month, so without further ado here we go….

A few of our highlights this month were distilled way back in the swinging sixties when the skirts were short, tunes were great and the drams were to die for. This Glenfarclas 1964 50 Year Old Single Cask #4727 was bottled for the Asian market and is a spectacular specimen from one of Speyside’s most celebrated distilleries. Five whole decades in a sherry butt has imbued this tremendous liquid with a dark, rich colour which is described by George S. Grant the Brand Ambassador as having “heavy sherry power”. This is the first time we’ve had this dram in the auction so you can expect this one to be coveted by multiple admirers.

Staying in Speyside next up is the quite remarkable Macallan 72 Year Old Lalique Genesis Decanter. One of the oldest whiskies ever released by The Macallan this tremendous expression is presented in a bespoke crystal decanter made by famed French crystal producer Lalique and inspired by the architecture of Macallan’s new distillery complex. Distilled in the 1940’s this uniquely rare release is a combination of age, beauty and superior craftsmanship. Limited to only 600 bottles this is as rare as it is impressive and would make a fine addition to even the most exclusive of whisky collections.

The Campbeltown region, once known as ‘the whisky capital of the world’, produces some of the finest single malts in Scotland. This Springbank 1966 Local Barley Cask #481 75cl is one such dram. Distilled way back in February 1966 this fine whisky was then held in a single bourbon cask before finally being bottled in February 1997. The 1966 vintages from the Springbank Local Barley Series have steadily grown in legend and stature in the whisky collecting world, using only local malted barley and bottled at an impressive 55.1% ABV you’ll have a fight on your hands to get a hold of this one this month.

Our last highlight’s distillation year just missed out on the swinging sixties by one year but given the quality of the expression we won’t hold it against it, a rather special Macallan Fine & Rare 1970 32 Year Old. Bottled in 2002 only 544 bottles of this distinguished old dram were produced from one of only two casks chosen that year to represent the absolute pinnacle of Macallan distilling as they entered the 1970’s. As with all Fine & Rare releases this bottle represents not only a distillery but a time long since passed and a place of enviable beauty, offering the collector a chance to own a never to be seen again vintage of inimitable character.

As well as these top-shelf drams we also have over 8000 other bottles to choose from and with the festive period now fast approaching we’d also like to point out that this auction is the last chance for our customers in the USA and further afield to get their bottles delivered before Christmas. So, if you are in the market for some Christmas drams then this is most certainly the auction to get involved in. Best of luck to everyone in the auction, and don’t lose your bottle.

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Glenfarclas 8 Year Old For Whisky Over Ice Festival 2022

Lot no 137-07769

This lot is no longer available for sale.
(Price £39)

'On A Saw Mill' 10 Year Old Islay Blended Malt

Lot no 137-03432

Sold for £90

'Yer Aunt Fanny's Cat's Arsehole' Whiskyblender 50cl

Lot no 137-02483

Sold for £90

A Speyside 13 Year Old Cadenhead's

Lot no 137-00255

Sold for £65

A Speyside 1989 32 Year Old Thompson Bros

Lot no 137-05738

Sold for £230

A Speyside 2003 18 Year Old Cadenhead's Warehouse Tasting

Lot no 137-04841

Sold for £170

A Speyside 2010 11 Year Old Thompson Bros

Lot no 137-04467

Sold for £60

A Speyside Distillery 18 Year Old Cadenhead's

Lot no 137-05058

Sold for £85

A Speyside Distillery 2001 18 Year Old Cadenhead's Virtual Open Day 2020

Lot no 137-04218

Sold for £80

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old Single Malts Of Scotland Parcel No.6

Lot no 137-03814

Sold for £75

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old Single Malts Of Scotland Parcel No.6

Lot no 137-00111

Sold for £80

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old Single Malts Of Scotland Parcel No.6

Lot no 137-06918

Sold for £80

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old The Whisky Exchange

Lot no 137-03813

Sold for £260

A.V Wees Amsterdamsche Oude Genever

Lot no 137-03654

Sold for £25

Aber Falls Distillery Exclusive

Lot no 137-01187

Sold for £60

Aber Falls Inaugural Release

Lot no 137-01977

Sold for £75

Aber Falls Inaugural Release

Lot no 137-08190

Sold for £75

Aber Falls Inaugural Release

Lot no 137-06981

Sold for £80

Aber Falls Inaugural Release

Lot no 137-06611

Sold for £75

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old

Lot no 137-04529

Sold for £30