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Ended March 12, 2023

Welcome one and all to this our now live 141st auction. So we braved the worst of winter and spring has finally sprung, with the promise of lighter nights and warmer weather and what better way to enjoy these milder climes than with a dram of your favourite tipple? We have an enormous collection of lots to peruse this month with almost eight thousand bottles of rare and wonderful whisky to get your hands on, so to get you started we have picked out a few excellent expressions to get your monthly whisky odyssey rolling.

First up is a very rare and much sought after Largiemeanoch - Bowmore by another name - bottled in 1979 after twelve years of maturation. The Largiemeanoch brand was created in the 1970's for The Howgate Wine Company Ltd, and vanishingly few bottles remain. This legendary bottling is rarely seen at auction and the dark malt has tropical notes drawn from the years spent slumbering in the finest sherry casks.

A bottle that seems to get more impressive each time we see it, The Macallan 72 Year Old Lalique Genesis Decanter. A fantastic expression this one, distilled in the 1940's the whisky comes in a bespoke decanter by celebrated French crystal producers Lalique which is itself held in a case designed by Burgess Studio and handcrafted by cabinet maker NEJ Stevenson. One of the oldest whiskies Macallan have ever bottled, this is your chance to purchase one of the most sought-after expressions on the secondary market.

An incredible old Mortlach distilled in 1936, and bottled in 1986 - 50 years later. 1936 was the year when the Spanish Civil War began, BBC started the first public TV broadcasts from London, and King Edward VIII abdicated for Wallis Simpson. In keeping with the historical nature of this expression the label features artwork taken from The Book of Kells, a 9th century tome of inimitable beauty featuring Christian iconography combined with Insular Celtic art. A heady mix of art, history and rare whisky this one is not to be missed.

Finally, here is a bottle of Orcadian gold and make no mistake, this is the Highland Park 1958 Vintage with Decanter & Book. This 40 year old whisky was distilled in 1958 and is presented in a fantastic wooden presentation box with its own Caithness Glass Decanter and a hardback book that celebrates whisky and Orkney. Jim Robertson, Highland Park's previous Distillery Manager, has signed each book.

This is just a drop in the ocean as we have many more noteworthy bottles in this month, and we’ll be dropping an email midway through the auction to highlight a few more esteemed expressions. But as well as these top-shelf drams we have a vast array of more affordable bottles which offer you the opportunity to pick up a bargain or two. So let’s get to it, start scrolling through the many lots and building your watchlist, we wish you the best of luck in the auction and as always, don’t lose your bottle.

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