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Ended August 13, 2023

Once more unto the breach dear friends, our 146th auction is now live. We have yet another fabulous selection of drams to peruse this month with over seven thousand bottles of sweetness to choose from. To get you started on this month's whisky adventure we have picked out some interesting lots to shine a light on, so without further ado let's get started.

First up is a stunning pair of beauties from the famed silent Japanese distillery, the Karuizawa 30 Year Old Sherry Cask #5437 & Karuizawa 29 Year Old Bourbon Cask #8897 . Released as a pair these were only available at The Whisky Exchange's Whisky Show at the tail end of 2014 driving their continuing exclusivity. One a sherry cask, and the other a bourbon both these bottles have been well aged spending 29 and 30 years in their respective casks. Rare, exclusive and with strikingly attractive label designs these bottles would improve even the finest of whisky collections.

Next we have a fantastically old Macallan, distilled over 70 years ago way back in 1950. This particular 75cl bottling was for Matthew Clark & Sons, a drinks wholesaler still in business today. European sherry oak has long been The Macallans preferred ageing method, and from the rich dark colour of the whisky it certainly appears to have been employed here too. A tremendous time capsule of a bottle which would be a welcome addition to any collection.

The story of Glenlochy distillery is sporadic to say the least, but in its chequered history it managed to produce some fantastic whisky. Initially being built in 1898 it changed hands many times before finally falling silent in 1983, and did not produce even one official bottling in its lifetime with its output being entirely devoted to blending stock. For this reason bottles of Glenlochy, and particularly well aged vintages such as this Glenlochy 1952 49 Year Old, have become increasingly rare and we can expect this trend to continue.

Finally we have another exclusive bottling, this time from Campbeltown heavyweight, Springbank. This 27 year old is the first of five releases in Springbank's 'Countdown Collection', another 4 bottles will be released annually culminating in their 2028 release which will mark the 200th anniversary of the distillery itself. If Springbank is your thing (and if it isn't you should be asking yourself why not) then this is a great opportunity to acquire the first release of what is sure to be an important and coveted collection upon completion.

We have over seven thousand fantastic bottles just waiting to be discovered in this month’s auction, so now is the time to get scrolling through them and start picking your favourites. Best of luck to all and remember…………don’t lose your bottle.

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