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Ended February 11, 2024

If the interminable wind and rain is getting you down, fear not, for our 152nd auction is now live and offering you the opportunity to drive away those winter blues with the help of old John Barleycorn!

We have a fantastic selection of bottles to choose from this month, with some rarely seen SMWS bottlings a particular highlight.  So, without further ado here are a few fine bottles to ease you into this month's auction.

Let's start things off with a superlative expression, the Macallan 52 Year Old 2018 Release.  An undoubtedly special Macallan this expression was released in 2018 and was described by the distillery as an "outstanding example of how perfect harmony can be created through the mastery of wood and spirit". Hand-signed by Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess this is a rare and exclusive bottling of unmatched quality.

As previously stated we have a lot of really interesting SMWS bottlings in this month, and the most prized is often the first bottling from a new distillery much like this SMWS 116.1 Yoichi 1986 16 Year Old.  This 16 year old cask strength dram comes from the Japanese distillery Yoichi, and weighs in at a mightily impressive 56.6% ABV.  For collectors the .1 is often the most prized so expect there to be competition if you are bidding on this one.

One of the best quality tequilas on the market, this is the Clase Azul Dia De Muertos Limited Edition Aromas & Two Glasses Set 1L.  This striking bottling contains a high-quality añejo tequila, which has been aged first in American whiskey casks and finished in Armagnac casks. The design for this limited edition brims with a beautiful marigold-coloured glaze that deepens in shade as it reaches the base of the decanter. The back of it has been decorated with a dreamlike illustration depicting a plentiful harvest, where masked figures rejoice in a miraculous bounty of flowers.

We started with a fantastic 52 year old Macallan, so why not finish with one, this is the Macallan 1946 52 Year Old Select Reserve with Certificate and Keys.  The predecessor to the hugely respected Fine and Rare collection the Select Reserve series was released in the 1990's and showcased a new sleek design which has since become a Macallan hallmark.  With over five decades of ageing under its belt this is a rarity of exquisite grace and fine craftsmanship.

As always, we have a wide range of drams with something to suit everyone, so now is the time to get moving picking out your own personal favourites for your watchlist.  Best of luck to everyone in the auction, and as always………..don’t lose your bottle.



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