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The 43rd Auction

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Ended November 2, 2014

Welcome, folks, to the 43rd auction, our penultimate auction of 2014. In terms of numbers, it’s our biggest to date. In terms of quality, it’s among the very best we have ever offered.

In no particular order – because there are so many greats – stars include Karuizawa Sherry Cask #5347 30 Year Old & Bourbon Cask #8897 29 Year Old, A matching pair of whiskies with labels that form to create one of the most striking designs on a bottle of Karuizawa yet. (Or so we think!) This pair was released at the Whisky Show at The Whisky Exchange in London. We are also delighted to offer the Karuizawa Cask #8333 1983 Geisha Label, one of 68 bottles, and one among a kaleidoscope of Karuizawas.

A very limited edition bottling of 37 year old Glenfiddich by Ian MacLeod pops up. It's very rare to find an independent bottling of Glenfiddich - only 200 bottles have been produced.

On to Bowmore. Originally touted as the very best of the legendary 1964 Vintage, this very limited release shows super concentration of fruit and a finish that has to be tried to be believed! In its original wooden presentation cabinet, this is a truly beautiful piece of whisky art. With just 99 bottles released this is as rare as they come and as good as it gets. We also offer a Bowmore 1971 34 year old and a complete set of Bowmore hand filled bottles 1-7.

Among the super-aged are an Ancient Black Cat from Denmark between 1916 and 1924, and a brace of Armagnacs from 1904 and 1914.

Also here are all the Manager’s Drams, as separate lots, including the ultra-rare Lagavulin and Talisker. There's a forest of Flora & Faunas, including a complete set of the cask strengths – all 9 bottles. Rare Malts? We have every distillery and most of the expressions.

Highland Parks, a host of them, including a 40 year and its big brother aged 50. Favouring fifties, we have an Auchentoshan 50 year old, distilled in 1957. One of 171 bottles. From its beautiful design to the whisky contained within, this is the pinnacle of Auchentoshan's range. A fifty year old Talisker from 1955 also appears. Although the name doesn't appear on the G&M Secret Stills label, it’s the only single malt distillery on the island, so we’re pretty confident we've got the identify right! It's joined by distillery bottlings from 1951, 1953 and 1954

More? Oh, there's more, much, much more. Quality as well as quantity. We have a multitude of Macallans, including a gorgeous Macallan-Glenlivet from 1937, a Macallan M 1824, and all the usual suspects. Ardbegs? Old ones, rare ones, the very latest releases.

We could go on, but we won't. We simply invite you to take the plunge and have a good, long look at the 43rd auction. Something for everyone - but don't lose your bottle!

Kind regards from Glasgow - the SWA team.

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