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The 47th Auction

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Ended March 1, 2015

Welcome, folks, to the 47th auction and a veritable treasure trove of some of the finest whiskies available in the world. We have an incredible mix of Scotches, Japanese whiskies, bourbons and blends.

Highlights include a extremely rare Karuizawa Founders' Cask, the first time it has appeared at auction in the UK. It is in august company, with more than 120 lots from Japan, including a delightful 1964 Karuizawa mini, a Nikka 40 year old, and the stunning Nikka Pillars.

Macallans? Many, many Macallans, more than 200, including a 1937 decanter. A 1964 Highland Park, the oldest in the Orcadian range, a Highland Park Dragon, a 34 Talisker in the boat case and a Glenfarclas from 1954 make an appearance. As do every Port Ellen since the annual releases began. 13 single cask Ardbegs, a 1949 Strathisla, a pre-war Black & White from 1939, oh and so, so much more.

It will be easier to show you than tell you, our advice is the same as every previous auction - dive in, have a good look around and bid away to your heart;s content. Oh, and don't lose your bottle!

Kind Regards from Glasgow - The SWA Team

Found 2275 lots

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