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Ended January 3, 2016

Hi folks, as the Festive season is now in full swing, and we are just a day away from the main event, we here at Scotch Whisky Auctions bring you a wonderful selection of bottles for this month's auction. As always our very own Big Peatrie has selected a few stars for his vlog and you can catch up with this preview here.

Stars is an apt description of 21 of the bottles in this month's auction as we are proud to present the Dalmore Constellation Collection. This incredible selection took fifteen years to bring together and has been described by Master Blender Richard Paterson as, "a truly remarkable piece of craftmanship." Available individually, each bottle is presented in hand-blown crystal decanters which are housed in bespoke lacquered presentation cabinet. These incredible whiskies showcase one of the world's greatest distilleries and in particular the wondrous effects of the hand selected casks on the whisky as they cosset, caress and care for the whisky inside them. The Supernova, no not that one, of this collection is the 1964 but there are plenty of different ages and cask types to choose from such as the 1983, 1991 and 1992.

This auction also contains some wonderful whisky from lost distilleries such as Killyloch, Kinclaith, Convalmore, Caperdonich, Brora, Lochside,and of course Port Ellen. There is a wonderful array of bottles from living distilleries including a Macallan distilled in 1969 from Duncan Taylor and a collection of Easter Elchies from 2008 - 2013. Ardbeg brings us a wonderful single cask from 1972 andthere is also a Glenlivet from 1955. We have some wonderfully old Ports such as Constantino's Colheita 1900 and a Madeira from 1839.

If you celebrate Christmas, we wish you a very happy one. If you don't, we hope you enjoy the holiday season,. Love from the SWA Crew.

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