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Buying from us


All bidders need to be registered with us first. This attracts a one off fee of £7.50 (plus VAT if applicable) but once you've registered you're all set for bidding!

Please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions as well as this buying guide. If you still have questions, please get in touch. Our team will be happy to help!

How do I bid on a lot?

When the auction is live, simply find the lots you want to bid on and select the amount from the drop down menu. Please note we use an incremental system so you only need to select the maximum price you wish to pay.

Please make sure that you have examined the lot carefully before you place your bid. By placing a bid on a lot you are confirming that you have examined the item and are satisfied with it. Just like in physical auction houses ALL BIDS ARE FINAL. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

You will only be able to see the lots when the auction is live!

You are able to see all your bids in your account. You can also monitor which lots you've been outbid on and which ones you're winning.

What dates are the auctions?

View our upcoming auctions.

Auction number

Bottles due in by

Auction goes live

Auction ends

Payments usually completed by


Fri 22nd Dec 23

Fri 05th Jan

Sun 14th Jan

Sun 04th Feb


Fri 19th Jan 24

Fri 02nd Feb

Sun 11th Feb

Sun 3rd Mar


Fri 16th Feb 24

Fri 01st Mar

Sun 10th Mar

Sun 31 Mar


Fri 22nd Mar 24

Fri 05th Apr

Sun 14th Apr

Sun 05th May


Fri 19th Apr 24

Fri 03rd May

Sun 12th May

Sun 02nd Jun


Fri 17th May 24

Fri 31st May

Sun 09th Jun

Sun 30th Jun


Fri 21st Jun 24

Fri 05th Jul

Sun 14th Jul

Sun 04th Aug


Fri 19th Jul 24

Fri 02nd Aug

Sun 11th Aug

Sun 01st Sep


Fri 16th Aug 24

Fri 30th Aug

Sun 08th Sep

Sun 29th Sep


Fri 20th Sep 24

Fri 04th Oct

Sun 13th Oct

Sun 03rd Nov


Fri 18th Oct 24

Fri 01st Nov

Sun 10th Nov

Sun 01st Dec


Fri 15th Nov 24

Fri 29th Nov

Sun 08th Dec

Sun 29th Dec

When does the auction close?

The auction will close any time after 9pm on the last evening, on the second Sunday of the month. From that time the software begins to monitor bidding activity on the site and when the interval between bids increases, the auction will begin to shut down. Sniper software, which depends on last-second bids, will merely extend the length of the auction.

We have received many messages of support from people taking part in the auctions, describing our system as fair and equitable. We hope you agree and enjoy a sniper-free bidding environment!

Please note: the auction does not end at 9pm, from our experience it is usually sometime after 10:30pm UK time.

Are there any fees for the buyers on top of the hammer price?

Yes. Buyers will pay an additional 10% commission, plus VAT/GST(Singapore) where applicable. There is no VAT on the hammer price. We also offer Loss & Breakage liability cover – see below for details.

See the delivery section for shipping costs as well as information on our long term storage solution.

Buyers should be aware that SWA do not pay local taxes, duties and tariff’s that may be applicable in the Country of delivery. Please contact the relevant Customs & Duty office for more information on costs for receiving whiskies and spirits.

Please note that SWA will never falsify declared values on our commercial invoices.

How do I know if I've won a lot?

You will receive an email with a link to follow. Please make sure you follow this as it creates the order and will mean we can assist you should you have any questions. If you can't see the email, try logging into your account, there should be a link with notification at the top of your account or you can view all outstanding payments within the 'View Payments' section of My SWA. Click on this to start the check out process. Once you have paid for your bottles they will automatically transfer into the 'My Collection' section of your account - from here you can choose bottles to collect from us, ship, relist or enter into our long term storage facility.

If you have any problems, our team will be happy to help if you get in touch.

When do I need to pay by?

You must make your payment to us within 7 days of the auction closing to avoid a late payment fee. This late payment fee will be 3% (plus VAT where applicable) in addition to the order total.

How do I pay?

Follow the link in the email you will receive or log into your account and click on the link to make a payment. Follow the simple check out process and the final page will provide you with your payment options.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Card payment online – just follow the link on your screen to use our secure payment facility. We accept all major credit and debit cards including American Express. There is no additional charge for this.
  • In addition to GBP card payments can be made online in US Dollars (USD), Singapore Dollars (SGD), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) and Euros (EUR). To pay in your own currency log in to your MySWA account and pick your desired currency from the dropdown in the 'Update My Details' tab.
  • Card payment over the phone – call the office on 0141 243 2585
  • Cheque – make sure that you include the name on your account with us as well as your order ID.
  • Direct bank payment – Details can be found on your Scotch Whisky Auctions Invoice.

You can now make payments in the app as well as on the website.

I can't find my bottles / order to make a payment?

Just log into your account and click on "View Payments" to find all outstanding orders to be paid. You can follow the links to make the payment online or call the office to pay via the telephone. Once you have paid for your bottles they will automatically be transferred to the 'My Collection' section of your account. From there you can select bottles to ship, collect from us, enter into long term storage or relist in a forthcoming auction.

How do I request a shipping or storage quote?

Once you have paid for your bottles you need to decide on whether to ship or store your bottles. Please log in to your account and go to ‘My Collection’ and select the relevant option from the 'I'd Like To' dropdown menu. You can also ask for a customised quote here if your shipment contains any miniature bottles.

Alternativley you can also select to collect your bottles from our Glasgow office or re-list in a future auction, up to three months in advance.

When will I receive my bottles?

Delivery times will vary according to your location. It can take up to 14 days from receiving your payment to your order being dispatched (provided delivery has been paid for) Some locations will require individually tailored invoices for delivery.

If you have miniatures/bottles 20cl or less, please do not complete checkout with shipping. Please contact us to arrange a custom quote.

Please be patient .The days following the auction closing are our busiest and we work as quickly as possible to dispatch your order. You will receive emails from us with status updates for your order.

See our Delivery and Loss & Breakage liability cover guide for more information.

What countries can you ship to?

Have a look at our Delivery and Loss & Breakage liability cover page for a more comprehensive guide, we ship all over the world! Please check that we can ship to your destination prior to bidding.

If you're a US resident, please make sure you have checked that your State allows alcohol imports before you bid.

International customers please note that Import VAT/fees may be charged on the goods by local customs within the destination country at the corresponding rate. You will be contacted by the courier or your local customs to pay the VAT/fees applied on your goods prior to receiving your shipment. Please check your local applicable VAT rate/fees prior to placing bids.

We cannot accept liability for bottles returned to us or destroyed by customs in the event local VAT/Fees are not paid. We cannot refund orders that are returned to us as a result of customs fees/VAT not being paid and, where costs are incurred for refused deliveries, this will be invoiced to your account.

Due to import regulations we cannot currently ship to Sweden, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Latvia. Spain and Estonia and there continues to be potential difficulties shipping to a handful of countries within Europe. Please check your local customs regulations and rules on alcohol imports prior to bidding. If you have an outstanding order here with us please contact us to discuss your options.

Customers in Germany please note that whilst we can currently ship to you there are significant customs delays using our standard courier, we can however offer an alternative but this is charged at a custom rate which may be higher than our standard rates.

If you're still unsure about shipping to your address please email the office or call for more assistance.

Can I collect my bottles from the office?

You're welcome to collect the bottles in person but this must be done after 10am due to Scottish licensing laws. All bottles must be collected within 28 days of auction end. Failure to collect bottles within this time period may result in storage fees being applied to your account or the lot being reentered into the next available auction. We are operating an appointment only system to ensure social distancing, please book a slot on our online booking system through your account.

Please note that this is not for Courier Collections – please email the office to find out the process for arranging your own courier collection and any relevant costs.

Can I nominate someone to collect bottles on my behalf?

If you can't make it to our office to collect your bottles in person you can nominate someone to make the collection on your behalf. You can nominate a proxy when booking your collection appointment. Your proxy should bring your order number and photographic ID. Please note orders will not be released without a proxy nomination from within your account and photographic ID. Book an appointment through your account.

Please note that this is not for Courier Collections – please email the office to find out the process for arranging your own courier collection and any relevant costs.

Can I store my bottles with you?

You can store your bottles here in our dedicated climate and light controlled storage facility. There is no charge for storage but loss and breakage cover fees of 3% of the hammer price + VAT with a minimum charge of £5.00 + VAT per bottle are a compulsory condition of admission. This must be paid for each 12 months in storage. The fee is not pro-rated and each charge covers you for up to 12 months. Should you choose to ship your bottles within the 12 month period you will continue to avail of loss and breakage cover as per our customer service policy and terms and conditions.

You can decide to enter your bottles back into auction at any time while storing them here subject to our usual auction submission deadlines.

Please note that payment for bottles, regardless of whether you are shipping them or storing them for delivery later, payment must be made within 7 days of the auction closing.