Service update & Brexit changes


Welcome to My SWA - your personal account and inventory. We've made some changes that we hope will make the buying and selling process with us even better.

What is My SWA?

My SWA is your account where you can view your bottles your have here with us, your current bids, your watchlist, payments and much more.

How do I access My SWA?

Simply login to your account as usual by following the link at the top left of any page of the site.

What's My Collection?

When you have won bottles in an auction, and pay for them through the 'View Payments' section, they will automatically be transferred into 'My Collection'.

'My Collection' is your own personal inventory, it shows bottles that you have here with us, any requests that you have outstanding or bottles in Long Term Storage. From here you can choose exactly what you would like to happen with your bottles - Collect, Ship, Store or Relist. Simply select the bottles you would like, and select an option from the drop down menu.

My Freight forwarding, rejected or third party bottles are not showing in my collection?

Please don't worry, if we have third party bottles stored here or rejected bottles these will show within 'My Collection' in the coming weeks. The initial system is designed for bottles bought through our auctions, however we will be adding both freight forwarding and third party storage bottles into your account very soon.

Why do I have a bidding limit?

All new users have bidding limit, this may not have been apparent on the old system. This limit will be automatically removed after a few successful transactions with us. Should you wish to bid higher than your limit right away, you have the option within 'My SWA' to pay a deposit which will be credit to your account immediately to be used against any purchases with us.

I've won a bottle, what's next?

Once you have won a bottle at auction, you can check out and pay for the lot from the 'View Payments' section. Once you have paid for the bottles they will automatically transfer into your personal inventory - 'My Collection'. From there you can select which bottles you would like to Ship, Collect, enter into Long Term Storage or Relist.

Why can't I pay for shipping at the same time as my bottles?

Bottles must be paid for first and they will automatically move to "My Collection' where you can select to Ship, Collect, enter into Long Term Storage or Relist. We've made this change to allow customers to have more flexibility than ever, putting you in control. From 'My Collection' you can see at a glance your inventory of bottles and select exactly how you would like them handled or combined.

I want to collect, how do I make an appointment?

Making an appointment is easy through 'My Collection'. Simply select 'Collect some bottles' from the dropdown menu, from here you can select the bottles you wish to collect, let us know if you are going to be dropping off bottles at the same time and follow the screen through to select an appointment. You can also nominate a Proxy, should you wish someone to collect on your behalf.

What is My Payments?

The 'My Payments' section shows all current and previous invoices in your account. You can pay any outstanding bills here or view old invoices.

How do a redeem a voucher?

When you go into an unpaid invoice within the 'My Payments' section of your account you will see a notification at the top of the page, if you have a credit balance, with the option to use this balance towards the payment.

How do I book a drop off only appointment?

Select the 'Book a drop-off'' option from within my SWA to choose an appointment time.

Why are my bottles not showing in 'Bottles I'm Selling'?

Bottles booked in for a forthcoming auction, will not show in this section until the auction is live.

What is My Sales?

The 'My Sales' section of your account is where you can view all payments we have made to you for auction proceeds. Final totals will display in this section once they have been processed within 21 days of the auction closing.

How do I update my bank details?

If you have enabled two-factor authentication through your account, you can update your bank details. Simply select 'Update my bank details' from your account to update your details. It's crucial that these details are up to date and exactly as they appear on your account so we can pay you. Two-factor authentication must be enabled for security on your account to do this.

What is Two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication helps secure your account. Once enabled, when you sign in from a new device, you’ll be asked to enter a code – either emailed to you or shown in an app on your smartphone. We strongly recommend enabling two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your account. This must be enabled should you wish to amend your bank account details for payment within My SWA.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter or notifications if I'm outbid?

You can select to subscribe to our newsletter or receive notification emails if you are outbid within the 'Update My Details' section of your account, simply tick the box for your preferred options.

Have a question we have not answered or something not look quite right? Please don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help.