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Pioneers Loyalty Programme

Introducing Scotch Whisky Auctions Pioneers … SWAP

Since SWA’s inception we have been both supported and encouraged by the incredible loyalty of whisky lovers across the world. On countless occasions we have been touched by comments like ‘I’ve been with you from the start’, or ‘I would never buy/sell from anywhere else’… And so, we want to say thank you. Thank you for breathing life into an idea that started in a small premises in Glasgow. Thank you for making our auctions the best and biggest in the world. We know actions speak louder than words and that’s why we offer our loyalty programme ~ SWA Pioneers ~ (SWAP).

Every single £1 you make or spend with us will automatically earn you 1 SWAP point. Your SWAP points will in time grant you access to our exclusive membership tiers. The more SWAP points you collect, the more exclusive your membership group.

We'll have bonus point events and extras to help you on your way. To break it down…

50,000-99,999 SWAP points will get you into out Bronze Membership Group.

100,000-249,000 SWAP points will get you into our Silver Membership Group.

250,000 – 499,999 SWAP points will get you into our Gold Membership Group.

500,000+ points will take you into our Platinum Membership Group.

Being part of a membership group isn’t just about giving you a warm fuzzy feeling. Rather, it’s about opening up a world of exclusive treats, vouchers, huge bonus point opportunities and amazing experiences including hospitality and events. As a basic welcome to your new group you’ll receive a SWAP voucher upon qualifying for each membership level which will appear as credit on your account and that's just the beginning....

Bronze Members will receive a £20 SWAP voucher.

Silver Members will receive a £50 SWAP voucher.

Gold Members will receive a £100 SWAP voucher.

Platinum Members will receive a £200 SWAP voucher.

We’re excited about this, and we hope you will be too. So, what do you have to do to be part of this new scheme? Beautifully, absolutely nothing. Every account holder is automatically enrolled and you can view your points at anytime within your My SWA account.


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