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Selling with us

What fees do you charge?

We have clear and fair fees for both our buyers and sellers. The sellers fees are:

  • £6 per bottle including miniatures
  • £10 reserve per lot (if required)

All fees will attract VAT where applicable.

Please note that any requests for items to be re-lotted, or moved between auctions, that haven't been made clear prior to, or at the time we receive your bottles, may be subject to additional administration charges.

(Please see the buyers tab for buying fees.)

To sell your bottles with us please complete a submission form and include it with your bottles every time - Download Submission Sheet.

What bottles do you accept?

We specialise in whiskies but we do auction other spirits as well. To confirm, the auction is bottle only. The only exception to this being gift sets that include glasses, or similar, within them.

We reserve the right to refuse any bottle for auction. If there is any doubt about the authenticity of a bottle, it will not be offered for auction. In the event of a dispute arising over the provenance or authenticity of any bottle, if it cannot be proved to be genuine, it will be returned to the seller.

We also reserve the right to restrict the number of bottles of any particular release or expression. With relation to new releases, they will be limited to one per person for the first 3 auctions following their release. We're happy to accept multiples of new releases but they will be entered into different auctions.

Are there any bottles you don't accept?

Yes, there are a few specific bottles, we are a spirit only auction:

  • Bell's decanters
  • Dimple ceramic decanters
  • Liqueurs
  • Beer/Wine/Fortified Wine/Punch
  • Cider
  • Vermouth/Sake/Bitters
  • Unofficial samples / minis, this includes press packs which are unsealed
  • Miniatures that have been sealed with glue or varnish
  • Unofficial / home made merchandise

Other general items:

  • Any bottle which is unsealed or the seal is no longer intact
  • Bottles which are leaking
  • Bottles which are in a condition which is not suitable for sale ie containing mould etc
  • Items which contain foods eg chocolate etc. We can't be responsible for use-by dates or allergen information

We will not auction merchandise (official or otherwise). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cask ends
  • Loose glasses (we'll happily take sets which contain a bottle of whisky with a glass)
  • Booklets / magazines / books

In relation to fill levels or ullage on bottles, a guideline of ¾ full will be in effect. Bottles on either side of this will be entered at the discretion of the either the book-in or photography department.

As our starting bid is £20, please consider whether the bottles you are submitting are likely to achive this.

Please see above for our right to refuse any bottle from the auction.

As and when appropriate, We reserve the right to limit Lot entries for auction in the instance of a new release. These releases may be limited to one bottle per person per auction for the first 3 auctions following the release.

We reserve the right to limit any reserve on new releases, that have not yet sold on our platform, to the primary retail price.

We reserve the right to charge for admission into auction, even if the Seller removes the item from sale.

Can I bring the bottles to you?

Of course! You can drop bottles and a submission form off at the office Monday to Friday. We are operating on an appointment only basis to ensure social distancing and you can book a slot online through your account. Please note we are no longer open on Saturdays.

I'm not based in Glasgow, what address do I use for sending the bottles to you?

Bottles can be sent to:

Unit C 139 Lancefield Street
G3 8HZ

Please make sure that your full contact details and completed submission form are included in the box so we can contact you to let you know of their safe arrival. It saves a lot of time if you have registered before you send us the bottles. Please contact us for details.

All bottles sent to us are done so at your own risk. We cannot be responsible for any damage or loss in transit. Please keep a note of your tracking numbers and couriers for your records. This is still the case even if we have arranged a collection through UPS for you.

If you are based overseas, especially if you're in the US, please speak to us before you send in any bottles.

Can you recommend me a courier or someone to collect my bottles from me?

Absolutely! We use various couriers and do regular collections in person. If you're in Aberdeen and the North East we have a monthly collection service you may be able to use. If you're in England, we have regular collections from all over the country and we currently also offer free contactless collections for over 10 bottles or collectively worth a minimum of £1000 across mainland UK. Find out more and request a collection here.

If you've got a couple of bottles you wish to send in we may be able to offer you our excellent rates with UPS or DHL. Please contact us for more information.

How should I pack my bottles for transport?

First of all you need a good, strong cardboard box which will allow you to keep the bottles upright. You'll also need plenty of bubble wrap or packing materials to make sure that the bottles are well protected. Please make sure that your bottles arrive in plenty of time for the auction. See the dates below.

If we are collecting the bottles directly from you please make sure that your name is on the outside of the box and your submission form is included. This will speed up the booking in process once the bottles are back in the office.

How do I set a reserve?

We will discuss reserves when booking in your bottles. Please note that reserves attract an additional fee per lot (see above for the fees) and are at the auctioneers discretion. Full reserve details can be found in our terms and conditions.

What if my bottle fails to meet my reserve price?

If your bottle fails to meet your specified reserve price during auction you have a number of options.

  • Relist your bottle into the next available auction.
  • Have your bottle shipped back to you.
  • Collect your bottle within 28 days from our Glasgow office.
  • Enter your bottle into our long term storage facility - terms apply

Please get in touch and advise how you wish to proceed within 7 days of auction end.

How do I watch my bottles during the auction?

You can use the website or the app to watch your bottles. There is a link inside your account "view bottles I'm selling in the latest auction" and this will load your bottles. Please note that this will only work while the auction is live!

You will receive a receipt at the time of book with your lot numbers as well.

How will I be paid for my bottles?

If you are a successful seller, we will not process your payments until the buyer has paid us, has received their bottle(s) and is satisfied that our descriptions were accurate.

Please note that payments will be completed within 3 weeks of the end of any auction. You will receive an email with notification of what you have been paid, along with the deductions once the payment has been processed.

We can pay through:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque

Some forms of international payment may attract fees. These are deducted from your sales totals. Please note all payments will be made in the local currency of your IBAN account number unless you advise us otherwise, for example - if you would prefer payment in GBP. Please advise if you have a specific currency that you would prefer to be paid in when booking in your bottles.

US customers - please check what information we require to pay you. Typically this includes your routing number an account number. You may need to specify what type of account you're using as well.

What dates are the auctions? And when do I need to get the bottles to you?

View our upcoming auctions.

Auction number

Bottles due in by

Auction goes live

Auction ends

Payments usually completed by


Fri 19th Aug 2022

Fri 02 Sep

Sun 11 Sep

Sun 02 Oct


Fri 16 Sep 2022

Fri 30 Sep

Sun 09 Oct

Sun 30 Oct


Fri 21st Oct 2022

Fri 04 Nov

Sun 13 Nov

Sun 04 Dec


Fri 18th Nov 2022

Fri 02 Dec

Sun 11 Dec

Sun 01 Jan


Fri 16th Dec 2022

Fri 30 Dec

Sun 08 Jan

Sun 29 Jan


Fri 20th Jan 2023

Fri 03 Feb

Sun 12 Feb

Sun 05 Mar


Fri 17th Feb 2023

Fri 03 Mar

Sun 12 Mar

Sun 02 Apr


Fri 17th Mar 2023

Fri 31 Mar

Sun 09 Apr

Sun 30 Apr


Fri 21st Apr 2023

Fri 05 May

Sun 14 May

Sun 04 Jun


Fri 19th May 2023

Fri 02 Jun

Sun 11 Jun

Sun 02 Jul


Fri 16th Jun 2023

Fri 30 Jun

Sun 09 Jul

Sun 30 Jul


Fri 21st Jul 2023

Fri 04 Aug

Sun 13 Aug

Sun 03 Sep


Fri 18th Aug 2023

Fri 01 Sep

Sun 10 Sep

Sun 01 Oct


Fri 15 Sep 2023

Fri 29 Sep

Sun 08 Oct

Sun 29 Oct


Fri 20 Oct 2023

Fri 03 Nov

Sun 12 Nov

Sun 03 Dec


Fri 17 Nov 2023

Fri 01 Dec

Sun 10 Dec

Sun 31 Dec


Fri 22 Dec 2023

Fri 05 Jan

Sun 14 Jan

Sun 04 Feb


Please note that the deadline dates for auctions also apply to requests for any bottles that have been stored with us, or have failed to meet their reserve in a previous auction, being resubmitted.

Ready to sell? Or got a question we haven't answered? Get in touch!

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