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Ended December 10, 2023

A very warm welcome everyone to our momentous and jam-packed 150th auction!  First things first, a huge thank you to all our valued customers over our past 149 monthly auctions, without your enduring support this landmark could never have been achieved.  

With over nine thousand bottles in this month the auctions are still going strong, so without further ado here are some interesting bottles from this month's selection you might want to add to your watchlist.

To mark our 150th auction we have decided to release a small amount of our own Glenfarclas 1991 Family Cask #210 for the 10th Anniversary of SWA.  These were hugely popular when first released almost 25 auctions ago, so if you missed out then now is your chance to snap one up.  Only 50 bottles are available and are priced at £420 (+ VAT where applicable).  A fine dram indeed and with Christmas on the horizon this would make a hearty stocking filler for any whisky lovers out there.

This is a distinguished older gentleman indeed, the Highland Park 1958 17 Year Old 75cl.  Sure to get the Orcadians bidding (and Highland Park fans more generally), this a superb specimen and still in remarkably good condition given it was released almost five decades ago.   Bottled by Ferraretto for the Italian market this a rare and special bottling from Scotland's northernmost whisky distillery.

Continuing the theme of old whiskies from celebrated Scottish distilleries bottled for the Italian market this is the Bowmore 1971 18 Year Old Sestante 75cl.  Distilled over fifty years ago in 1971 this unusual bottling sits proudly among Sestante's excellent array of releases over the years.  Created by Ernesto Mainardi in 1977 Sestante Imports developed a reputation for only releasing the finest bottles sourced from the best distilleries, and this beauty certainly fits that description.

As one of the most respected distilleries in Scotland, never mind Speyside, Balvenie have been producing whisky for over a century.  Despite this long and storied history they only released their first official single malt in 1971 so this Balvenie 1965 Over Proof Robert Watson 26 2/3 Fl Oz hails from a bygone era.  Bottled by Robert Watson Ltd of Aberdeen this dram is rare piece of Scotch whisky history being from the period of Balvenie's production where their output went solely to the blending enterprises within the larger Grant's operation.

There are few periods of history more compelling than the prohibition era in the United States, when the consumption of alcohol was outlawed from 1920 to 1933.  unsurprisingly bottles from this period are incredibly rare making this J.A. Dougherty Sons 1916 13 Year Old Pure Rye Whiskey all the more special.  Given its incredible age this bottle of Philadelphia's finest has survived remarkably well, with a decent fill level still apparent.  Prohibition-era bottlings always get us talking (and admiring) here at SWA, so if you want your own conversation starter and bona fide slice of American distilling history, this is your chance.

As the festive period fast approaches this is one of our busiest times of the year, so we urge anyone thinking of selling in the Christmas auction to get their bottles in as soon as possible.

For our UK and Europe customers this auction is your last chance to get a special bottle in time for Christmas, and as always we charge no sellers commission and only 10% buyer's premium so now is the time to procure that perfect festive tipple.

We have a wide range of drams with something to suit everyone, so now is the time to get moving picking out your own personal favourites for your watchlist.  Best of luck to everyone in the auction, and as always………...don’t lose your bottle.

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Glenfarclas 1991 Family Cask #210 for The 10th Anniversary Of SWA

Lot no 150-03158

This lot is no longer available for sale.
(Price £420)

'Merry Christmas' Highland Single Malt 12 Year Old Whisky Connoisseur

Lot no 150-00733

Sold for £50

100 Pipers The Original 26 2/3 Fl Oz

Lot no 150-07943

Sold for £30

1800 Reposado Tequila

Lot no 150-00028

Sold for £20

A 1710 La Délivrande Rhum Extraordinaire

Lot no 150-00595

Sold for £150

A Highland 37 Year Old Cadenhead's

Lot no 150-04844

Sold for £290

A Secret Speyside 2011 11 Year Old Thompson Bros

Lot no 150-03545

Sold for £35

A Speyside 1987 33 Year Old Cask & Thistle

Lot no 150-02963

Sold for £210

A Speyside 1989 31 Year Old Thompson Bros

Lot no 150-05460

Sold for £180

A Speyside 2003 18 Year Old Cadenhead's Warehouse Tasting

Lot no 150-03272

Sold for £90

A Speyside 2003 19 Year Old Cadenhead's Warehouse Tasting

Lot no 150-05688

Sold for £130

A Speyside 2008 12 Year Old The Whisky Exchange

Lot no 150-00933

Sold for £180

A Speyside 2009 13 Year Old Thompson Bros

Lot no 150-02657

Sold for £50

A Speyside Distillery 2001 18 Year Old Cadenhead's Virtual Open Day 2020

Lot no 150-07037

Sold for £65

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old Single Malts Of Scotland Parcel No.6

Lot no 150-06526

Sold for £85

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old Single Malts Of Scotland Parcel No.6

Lot no 150-02907

Sold for £95

A Tennessee 19 Year Old Cadenhead's

Lot no 150-07055

Sold for £70

A Tennessee 19 Year Old Cadenhead's

Lot no 150-05781

Sold for £80

A Tennessee 19 Year Old Cadenhead's

Lot no 150-08335

Sold for £85

A Wonderful Serendipity Blended Malt 6 Year Old Thompson Bros for Elysian Bar Melbourne & Bar Mirai Jakarta

Lot no 150-08326

Sold for £40