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Ended April 14, 2024

Welcome one and all to our now live 154th auction!  Spring has sprung, the nights are brighter and what better way to celebrate than by snaffling a bottle of something special from the fantastic selection we've got for you this month.  We have bottles of every style and profile, and from every known whisky-making region on the planet, so if you can't find something you like in here then you just haven't scrolled far enough yet.  To help you out we've plucked a few great bottles from the throng to get you started.

First up we have a bottle from a long-time friend of Scotch Whisky Auctions, the irrepressible Ralfy of fame.  The bottle in question is a mighty fine 20 year old Springbank and is one of only 2 bottles created to celebrate Ralfy's 1000th review.  One is going behind the bar at The Bon Accord in Glasgow (a regular haunt of ours here at SWA), which makes this bottle the only one on the planet available to buy in it its entirety!  If that doesn't qualify it as a bona fide rarity of the highest order, then I don't know what does.  Even better all the proceeds are going to charity so you can feel good about yourself at the same time as securing a one-off bottling the likes of which may never be seen again. For a fuller description here is the man himself telling the story of the bottle.

This Macallan 1946 52 Year Old Select Reserve really looks the part, presented in a simple and understated locking wooden box, which could come in handy for keeping this beauty away from prying eyes.  The whisky itself has been waiting patiently in a sherry cask for 52 years prior to being bottled. No fancy packaging or bling, this is one classy act. We would say that it's a must have for Macallan collectors but that's too obvious. This is a bottle for connoisseurs of whisky.

Next up we have a great bottle all the way from the land of the rising sun, this is the Hanyu Ichiro's Malt Card King of Diamonds 2nd Edition.  This series was a marketing masterstroke and featured a different playing card on the label of each release, allowing people to easily remember their favourites and encouraging collectors to complete the full deck. There were only 17 years of production at Hanyu, so stocks are limited and scarce.  While not quite as coveted as the 1st edition this is still one of only 555 bottles released making it rather rare indeed.

Finally we have a particularly nifty little bottling, the Springbank 1996 27 Year Old JJ Adams 'Mouse Fight' Series 1 with Prints 50cl.  Bottled by Rare Whisky in collaboration with celebrated British pop artist JJ Adams this a well-aged Springbank that comes with a rather nice print which aims to settle the age-old question of who would win in a transatlantic square go between Mickey Mouse and Danger Mouse.  I mean, Danger Mouse, obviously.  One of only 290 bottles released this is a great wee collaboration between one of Scotland's best distilleries and one of the UK's coolest artists.

As always, we have a wide range of drams with something to suit everyone, so now is the time to get moving picking out your own personal favourites for your watchlist.  Best of luck to everyone in the auction, and as always………. don’t lose your bottle.

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'On A Saw Mill' 10 Year Old Islay Blended Malt

Lot no 154-06066

Sold for £120

106 Sample Room Reserve 50cl

Lot no 154-00616

Sold for £45

150th Anniversary Of Birnam Highland Games Limited Edition Scotch Whisky

Lot no 154-01967

Sold for £180

A Good Old-Fashioned Christmas Whisky 15 Year Old The Whisky Exchange 2023 Release

Lot no 154-03865

Sold for £70

A Highland Distillery 17 Year Old Athena Platinum Cask With Print

Lot no 154-06684

Sold for £70

A Highland Distillery 2009 13 Year Old Smokestack Lightning Uncharted Whisky Co

Lot no 154-07224

Sold for £55

A Secret Fiji Distillery 8 Year Old Dram Mor

Lot no 154-03045

Sold for £50

A Speyside 18 Year Old Cadenhead's

Lot no 154-01647

Sold for £65

A Speyside 1990 30 Year Old Thompson Bros

Lot no 154-04881

Sold for £260

A Speyside Distillery 1975 41 Year Old Whisky Doris

Lot no 154-01156

Sold for £600

A Speyside Distillery 1997 23 Year Old Thompson Bros

Lot no 154-06617

Sold for £110

A Speyside Distillery 2001 18 Year Old Cadenhead's Virtual Open Day 2020

Lot no 154-00762

Sold for £75

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old Single Malts Of Scotland Parcel No.6

Lot no 154-03148

Sold for £85

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old Single Malts Of Scotland Parcel No.6

Lot no 154-00408

Sold for £90

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old The Whisky Exchange

Lot no 154-03992

Sold for £180

A Speyside Distillery 2008 12 Year Old The Whisky Exchange

Lot no 154-03981

Sold for £190

A Tennessee 19 Year Old Cadenhead's

Lot no 154-02298

Sold for £85

Aber Falls Distiller's Cut

Lot no 154-04056

Sold for £55

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old

Lot no 154-05067

Sold for £30

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old

Lot no 154-05880

Sold for £35