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Delivery and Loss & Breakage cover

We know there are lots of questions you may want to ask regarding the shipment of your bottles, hopefully we can answer them all below.

If you have bottles 20cl or less, please do not complete checkout with shipping. Instead contact us to arrange a custom quote by using the 'Request a Quote' function on your account.

We use the finest quality packing materials and have an experienced team who are dedicated to providing the best service possible. Our team are trained and accredited by our courier partners to ensure every box is compliant with the highest, most professional standard of packing.

We aim to deliver your bottles as quickly as possible, please be aware that it may take up to 14 working days from receiving your payment before your bottles are dispatched. We thank you for your patience.

If you would like to collect your bottles from the office in person, please note that we cannot allow any collections before 10am. This is due to Scottish Licensing Laws.

Our couriers are not liable for shipments of glass and alcohol as they are deemed prohibited goods. It is of the utmost importance that customers pay attention to the Loss & Breakage cover option upon checking out. More information on this can be seen below.

If you choose to ship without this cover and your bottles are lost or broken, you will not be eligible for any compensation. The courier or Scotch Whisky Auctions will not be able to refund you. You ship entirely at your own risk if you choose to opt out of Loss & breakage cover. You can read more about this and what is and is not protected at the bottom of this page and in our Customer Service Policy.

Please note that 3rd party bottles, rejected items and bottles that did not sell with us are excluded from Loss & Breakage cover. To add this (sealed bottles only), you must contact us with a declared value. Orders that ship combined with any of these types of bottle will also have no cover unless specifically requested and values are provided.

We are unable to send shipments part-covered. If Loss & Breakage cover is purchased it must be taken for all bottles in the same shipment.



I live in the UK / EU – what are my shipping charges?

Please note that these charges apply for standard size bottles. Larger bottles and items may attract additional shipping fees. If you're purchasing mini bottles, you are advised to get in touch with us regarding the shipping costs.

All UK & EU costs incur VAT at 20%. This is included in the prices below.

1 bottle

2 bottles

3 bottles

4 bottles

5 bottles

6 bottles

7 bottles

8 bottles

9 bottles

10 bottles





















UK 1st bottle is £10.80 and EU 1st bottle is £24.

The EU rates apply to our Norwegian customers, without the VAT.

Please note that if you are delivering to a bonded warehouse/storage facility we require contact details for the recipient and the full address as most deliveries need to be booked in with them by you first. SWA are unable to book your deliveries in with the Bonded Warehouse/storage facility. You should arrange this yourself, and give us 72 hours notice of the delivery date requested. We are not responsible for refusal to take delivery and you may be charged for re-delivery costs.

I live in the US - what are my shipping charges?

From February 2018 to date, SWA are able to ship to the following US States only:

· Alaska (Zip codes 99501 or 99502 only)

· California

· Connecticut

· Delaware

· Washington District of Columbia

· Florida

· Idaho

· Louisiana

· Maine

· Maryland

· Massachusetts

· Nebraska

· New Jersey

· New Mexico

· New York

· Oregon

· Rhode Island

· Texas

· Vermont

· Virginia

· Wyoming

The courier or carrier and delivery time will vary depending on which State we are shipping to.

Please be aware that Florida and Texas currently have 7-9 day lead times for delivery and tracking is not available for these two States.

The delivery address must have someone over 21 years of age to sign for the shipment, so we cannot use PO boxes. We also cannot send to schools or universities. Couriers occasionally experience difficulty with military bases; it is possible but please contact us before bidding.

Each single shipment is deemed to be 1 box and cannot exceed 10 bottles shipment. After the bottle limit of 10 has been reached, each new shipment will start at £70.00 for the first bottle. Please note that multi box shipments can be dispatched but may have to be within a few days of each other.

Your shipping fees include all US taxes and FDA fees where applicable but exclude any additional tariffs that may be applied from 18th October 2019. You will be charged for this when you request a quote and only on applicable bottles. Additional restrictions may apply to US shipping, where this is the case you will be advised in advance on your custom quote.

Please note the US Whisky tariff of 25% on all Single Malt Scotch and Northern Irish Whiskey is calculated on the declared value of the bottle: this is the winning bid. If you are unsure whether a bottle will be subject to the tariff please contact us.

Prices are £70.00 for the first bottle in a shipment and £10.00 for each bottle up to the 10th bottle. If you have more than this then you would be charged for another shipment(s) depending on how many bottles overall you have and wish to ship out (excluding bottles 20cl or less).

See below for total costs, i.e shipping 2 bottles is £80 for both bottles.





















These quoted rates do not include Loss & Breakage cover or the US Tariff or any other fees, costs or charges that may be implemented from 2019 onwards.

Looking for tracking information? We advise getting in touch with the logistics team ( to ask for an update approximately 3 days after you receive your dispatched email from us. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a tracking number unless requested and this may not be available for every State.

I live in a country which is not listed above, can you ship to me?

We can ship to most countries in the world but if you cannot see your country below, please let us know where you are and we will see what we can do.

We currently ship regularly to:

Delivery to these countries is based on a volumetric cost. This means that your delivery charges are calculated according to the box size as well as weight. We will invoice you separately for these. Please get in touch for a quote.

We use DHL for these countries and it is therefore important that you send us your address in the correct format and include a local contact number. Please ensure your post code matches the city and you include the region/State/suburb where applicable. It will delay shipment if we cannot match your address to DHL's system.

Scotch Whisky Auctions are not liable for any customs fees which may be incurred in the destination country. You are liable for these and will be responsible for making sure they are paid correctly.

We have been asked by some buyers to falsify the values of the bottles on invoices to effect lower taxes and duties. We will absolutely not do this under any circumstance. The possible repercussions for you and us are not worth it!


I live in Canada or China, can you ship to me?

There remain some difficulties in getting whisky into China and Canada, but we have been using a company called ‘Mailboxes etc’ who are happy to provide that service.

The contact for ‘Mailboxes etc’ in Glasgow is Please speak to them directly as we are unable to guarantee service for 3rd parties.

For our Canadian customers, we are able to ship to the province of Alberta directly but we would recommend that before you bid you check online or call your provincial liquor board to check their rules on private importations first.

You may be required to provide proof of address via your Driver's License for us to complete the shipment.

I live in India, can you ship to me?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship directly to India due to the very strict licensing laws. Please get in touch and we will help where we can.

I live in Russia / Ukraine, can you ship to me?

At the moment we are unable to offer delivery to either of these countries due to restrictions in place by our couriers and the local laws. Please get in touch and we can discuss alternative options where applicable.

Do I need to ship my bottles straight away?

You can store your bottles here in our dedicated climate and light controlled storage facility. There is no charge for storage but Loss & Breakage cover fees of 3% of the hammer price + VAT (where applicable) are a compulsory condition of admission. This must be paid for each 12 months in storage. The fee is not pro-rated and each charge covers you for up to 12 months. Should you choose to ship your bottles within the 12 month period you will continue to avail of Loss & Breakage cover as per our customer service policy and terms and conditions.

You can decide to enter your bottles back into auction at any time while storing them here subject to our usual auction submission deadlines.

Please note that payment for bottles - regardless of whether you are shipping them or storing them for delivery later - must be made within 7 days of the auction closing.


Does someone need to sign for my delivery?

Yes, all our packages require a signature by someone over 18 years old (for the UK) or over 21 years old (for the US).

What happens if I'm out and UPS attempt to deliver? (For UK & EU customers)

When your order is dispatched from SWA we send you a notification to let you know and you will also receive an email from UPS at the end of the day. We ask all our customers to follow the tracking information in this email. 90% of our deliveries in the UK are next day so you won't be waiting long!

UPS will make one attempt and should then either take your box(es) to a local Access Point or, they will make a second attempt if your Access Point does not accept 3rd Party Alcohol deliveries. You will be able to follow this via the customer panel that UPS email to you with your tracking number. Please note that they do not leave a card in most cases so you must follow delivery online.

We accept no liability for shipments which are returned to us. We reserve the right to charge for re-delivery on any shipment that is returned for non collection or incorrect shipping information.

If you are a US customer and your order is returned due to non collection there will be a reshipping charge payable. This will be at the same delivery rate as we quote above.

UPS My Choice - for UK & EU customers

If your order is delivered via UPS, please be aware that you have the option to use UPS My Choice. However, this will override our delivery instructions and thus, should something happen to your order, you are not covered by Loss & Breakage cover. SWA are unable to compensate for any lost, stolen or damaged orders where My Choice has been used to circumvent the delivery standards.

If you need to make a change to your delivery, please use your tracking email from UPS but note that you are not able to change the recipient name and address. It is therefore important that you double check the recipient name and delivery address before your order ships as we are limited to what can be done after this point.

Can I use my own courier for delivery?

Yes you can! We just charge an administration fee for the packaging. Please get in touch to discuss your options and we will be happy to help. Unfortunately we cannot accept any liability for damage once your courier has collected the bottles from us. Please ensure you give us 48hrs notice prior to your courier pickup to ensure we have everything ready for you.



I've received my order but a bottle is damaged. What happens now?

When opening your bottle, please ensure you gently deflate the airsac holding your bottle(s) before you attempt to pull the bottle out. If you fail to do so, you may cause the capsule to split and the cork to break. This type of damage is not covered under Loss & Breakage and SWA do not compensate for damage of this kind. Vintage corks are known to be more fragile and the pulling motion made when taking a bottle from an inflated airsac will increase the risk of damage.

Before you sign for a shipment, please check the condition of the boxes. If they are wet or damaged, please refuse the delivery and sign the courier's forms as necessary.

It is very important you get in touch with us as soon as possible providing photos of the damage. Please retain all original packaging.

We are unable to offer refunds for orders which sustain damage in transit that do not have Loss & Breakage cover.

Loss & Breakage cover

Shipments of glass and alcohol are not automatically insured with couriers. You are only protected against loss and breakage if you have a separate cover in place. We offer our customers Loss & Breakage cover at a cost of 3% of the hammer price excluding postage. Please note the cover premium cost attracts VAT.

Please be aware that as all products sold through Scotch Whisky Auctions are secondhand, we cannot guarantee or vouch for the way they have been previously stored. Therefore our Loss & Breakage policy does not cover cork or capsule failure. We also cannot cover any cosmetic damage to bottle cartons/tins that occurs in transit.

If you do NOT want to take out cover, and therefore you accept that you are shipping entirely at your own risk please untick the box to opt out of coverage. If you have selected Long Term Storage, cover is added automatically when you choose this on checkout, please ensure that the loss and breakage box is unticked before you proceed to ensure you are not charged twice.

Please note if you wish to take advantage of our secure long term storage solution for your bottles Loss & Breakage cover must be taken out as a condition of admission to the storage area. You can find out more about our long term storage here.

Please view full terms & conditions and our Customer Service Policy

I've taken out loss & damage cover and one of my bottles is damaged/lost. What happens now?

Please retain all the original packaging that we sent your bottle(s) to you in and get in touch with us as soon as possible by email. You will need to supply us with photos of the damage and our packaging in order for us to be able to process a claim. If you fail to keep the original packaging, this may void any potential claim.

All damage complaints must be in writing, we are unable to accept these by telephone.

Please send details of any issues as well as clear photographs that show the damage or problem and of the external packaging including the packing material and shipping box. This evidence is very important for your claim so please send as many detailed photographs as you can to show us how your order arrived, how it was packed, and the damage or issues you wish to bring to our attention.

No refunds will be given if there is no evidence provided of the damage / breakage of the bottles. We are unable to accept claims where the cork on a bottle has caused the whisky to leak in transit. By bidding with us, you acknowledge that these bottles are secondhand goods and we cannot guarantee the condition of the seals or corks. We make every effort to protect the bottles for transit. Cosmetic damage is not covered under Loss & Breakage - this includes dents, tears and creases to boxes/cases/tubes or issues that do not affect the safe consumption of the product.

Customers who have not received their order must notify us within 14 days of the dispatch date. We are unable to submit a claim for lost deliveries after this time has elapsed.

How will I be refunded?

We will discuss this with you but either via the method of payment or as a credit against your account.